September is a month when the trees are heavy with apples and you just can’t stop wondering what to do with the fruits. Saaremaa Food Festival is giving us all a chance to make one lovely Sunday (15th of September) a very exciting day.

We invite all of you along with your families, friends, acquaintances, and guests, to participate in the Apple Cafés’ Day on a lovely Sunday in Kuressaare!

On Sunday, 9th of September, the city will be vivacious, because in different gardens, yards and other venues there will be opened a lot of Apple Cafés. Every café has something exciting and unique to just this place and they invite all of you to come and visit. All this gives more than enough reason to discover the city in quite a different Sunday excursion.

The Apple Cafés are looking forward to see you at 12:00 and they stay open until 18:00. You may find some variances in opening times when you look below at the list of our exciting cafés along with their locations and descriptions.

The map with the cafés’ locations can be printed in future  from this web-page, you can also find it from the county newspapers , from from the cafés or print from homepage.

The photos of the event will be posted on the Facebook Saaremaa Toidufestival

The Apple Cafés in Kuressaare on the 15th of September at 12:00-18.00

Archebald’s Appletavern

Location: Garnisoni 24, Kuressaare

Ruubs Apple-worm Cafe

Location: Tallinna 31, Kuressaare

Cafe Jablotshka

Cafe “Jablotska” (“apple” in Russian) offers delicious food along with great musical performance from Laikre family band.

The band introduces themselves like this: We are an ordinary Estonian family, who has been given a gift – music. Each family member has their own talent – one is creating, the other arranging music, some playing different instruments, some singing etc… and this is how the whole band comes together – Laikre family band.

Concert will be perfromed 1-2pm and 3-4pm.

The cafe is open no matter the weather. In case of rain, the cafe will be inside the building, with sunny weather outside.

Welcome to cafe Jablotshka!

Location: Kaare 6, Kuressaare

Riinude Apple Cafe

Location: Suur-Sadama 29

Thai Cafe

Location: Loo 1, Kudjape