Cake Concert

8.09 | at 17:00| Pöide Maarja Church

You are welcome to the concert in the Pöide Mary Church, the largest single-edged church in western Estonia and archipelago. The rich rain-forest of the church is one of the best examples of the Elderly Estonia.

On Sunday, 8.09,  one of Estonia’s best-performing churches you can enjoy the unusual  “Koogikontserti” (Cake concert).  After concert please do not hurry up to home as you can enjoy of smacking cakes made by local women and can chat with musicians. Your cake can be brought to each conqueror.

PERFORMER: ARSIS Youth Handbell Ensemble

Handbell ensemble is a unique collection of instruments and making music with them is also unique – the musicians don’t play long parts, instead they ring the bells in turn. And so handbell music is born by listening carefully to the other players and the conductor of course and paying attention to the pauses and notes in the score.

Normally handbell ensembles consist of 10-15 members who use a set of bells of 5 octaves. Arsis Youth Ensembles are made up of 10-12 members who use 6-7 octave sets. The bass-handbells which are up to 180 cm high are sure eyecatchers!

On an autumn evening in 1996, conductor Aivar Mäe summoned the children of the singers of the chamber choir ARSIS in order to learn to play a piece on handbells and perform it on the choir christmas concert. This little performance grew into a six-year long concert period of the Arsis children ensemble.

The present youth ensembles have their roots in the Arsis handbell school. In 2003, the first students graduated from the handbell school and the twelve young musicians who passed the competition became the first Arsis Youth Ensemble.

TICKET:  12 €/ adult,  6 €/ child until 15 years

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You can have also before the concert on the spot

All together we light a thousand candles, to get the foundation for refurbish the chandelier!

For the Pöide Maarja Church can make donations to the account Pöide Maarja Kiriku Sihtasutus EE492200221054650133


Location: Pöide village, Saaremaa