Cake Concert

9.09 | at 16:00| Pöide Maarja Church

You are welcome to the concert in the Pöide Mary Church, the largest
single-edged church in western Estonia and archipelago. The rich rain-forest of
the church is one of the best examples of the Elderly Estonia.

On Sunday, 9.09,  one of Estonia’s best-performing churches you can enjoy the unusual  “Koogikontserti” (Cake concert).  After concert please do not hurry up to home as you can enjoy of smacking cakes made by local women and can chat with musicians. Your cake can be brought to each conqueror.

PERFORMER: Saaremaa Male Choir SÜM

Saaremaa Male Choir SÜM was founded in autumn 1973. During the choir’s first year there were around 140 singers who came to sing from all over the island. Although the choir is smaller now with 25-30 men, it has had 250 members throughout the years, to whom singing has provided a memorable experience.

SÜM has performed in Finland, Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Austria, Latvia, Lithuania and on all the major islands in the Baltic Sea. Most recently in France, Canada and St. Petersburg (Russia).

The choir has had nearly 400 minor and major concerto performances, with over 300 songs in our repertoire.
From the very beginning, SÜM has sung in every Estonian Song Festival as well as taken part in every Saaremaa and Estonian Male Choirs Association singing days and several nationwide singing competitions for male choirs. In 1998 SÜM received 4th place in their category. In 2003 the choir was 3rd in their category, while having the best performance of the compulsory song and in 2008 and in 2013 they were the overall winners in their category.

SÜM’s repertoire includes both classical choral works as well as folk songs to work of church music.


Conductors: Ester Soe ja Mari Ausmees

Choirmaster: Katre Roolaht

  1. A. Hiob – Ärka üles (Wake up)
  2. C. Kreek – Ma tänan Sind (I thank you)
  3. T. Vettik – See oli siis (It was then)
  4. K. Türnpu – Uinu (Will sleep)
  5. T. Vettik –  Kuu (Moon)
  6. L. Madetoja – Ta kõnnib kui lillede vaiba peal (He walks like on the carpet of flowers)
  7. V. Kapp  – Eesti muld ja eesti süda (Estonian soil and Estonian heart)
  8. A. Läte – Kuldrannake (Gold Coast)
  9. Fr. Schubert – Die Nacht (The night)
  10. Spirituaal –  Shenandoach
  11. Spirituaal  – My Lord,
  12. P.Rips – Laul  –  Kured tulevad, solist Merilyn Sepp (Storks comes)
  13. A Ritsing –  See väike maa (This small country)
  14. P. Uusberg – Kui sõuaks igavik (If paddle to eternity)
  15. R. Rannap,  – Rahu (arr. T. Kõrvits) (Peace)

TICKET:  5 €

Ticket sales before the concert on the spot

All together we light a thousand candles, to get the foundation for refurbish the chandelier!

For the Pöide Maarja Church can make donations to the account Pöide Maarja Kiriku Sihtasutus EE492200221054650133


Location: Pöide village, Saaremaa