Dinner “Piggy in the bag”

Friday 08.09| at 18:00 | Place – a surprise

In the past people believed that a big in the bag would be bought only by a foolish or stupid person or by one with money to burn. But if the „pig in the bag“ would be sold by someone whose is so trustworthy that doubting him would be a self insult?

Saaremaa Food Festival has found a special place in Saaremaa where today nobody much ventures, but exciting discovery awaits the participants of the September 8th dinner who don’t know what they are offered and where they are taken beforehand!

Six course dinner that doesn’t leave anyone indifferent. Just before a great culmination of the Festival. And most importantly the contens of the „bag“ is offered by those who know the subject matter better than anyone.

  1. Restaurant Olde Hansa (Tallinn) – Chef Emmanuel Wille
  2. Restaurant Tšaikovski (Tallinn) – Chef Vladslav Djatsuk
  3. Restaurant Cru (Tallinn) – Chef Dmitri Haljukov
  4. Koost Muhu Resto – Chef Toomas Rohtlaan
  5. Castello Restaurant – Lounge (Kuressaare) – Chef Ott Raud

    Chefs are assisted by teachers and students of Kuressaare Vocational School.

Cost of the big in the bag:  89 €/ 1 participant

Bag“ includes:

It’s a Charity Dinner:

organisers are making a donation to pay for the new electrical systems of St. Mary’s Church in Pöide. Every dinner participant or anyone else has an opportunity to make a direct contribution to the St. Mary’s Church’s Foundation (Pöide Maarja Kiriku SA) account EE492200221054650133 , while paying mentioning – PK electrical systems.

More information about the church HIER

To participate in the „Pig in the bag“ dinner please write to: info@saaremaatourism.ee

Places are limited!

Will it be the pig or purchaser squealing – game is a game! And it’s worth the fork!

Food fortunately does not choose – Proper food makes merry mood!

The necessary kitchen equipment for the master chefs is provided by Bestmarki Suurköökide AS