7-course Finnish finest restaurant Juuri dinner with wines

03.09 | at 19:00 | Lounge Muusa

Chef of restaurant Juuri, Jukka Nykänen with his team from Finland will be visiting hotel Arensburg. They will prepare a 7-course dinner. The wines are chosen by the sommelier Karel Veski.

Authentic flavours, wanton passion, wild herbs, crazy ideas, love for artisan produce and the skill to make incredibly tasty food. At Juuri we believe that traditions should be saved by updating them to become a part of Helsinki’s current food culture. Thanks to the best local ingredients we have flavours that don’t pale in comparison with the culinary treasures of other cultures. We want to pamper our diners’ taste buds with a cross section of local tastes.

The menu:

  1. Herring, potatoes and onions
  2. Carrots and yogurt
  3. Mushrooms and cucumber
  4. Pike, crayfish and apples
  5. Lamb, kohlrabi and horseradish
  6. Blue cheese, blueberries and malt
  7. Blackberries, butter and whey

Price: Price in August 49 eur, From 01.09 price 59 eur per person

Location: Lossi 15, Kuressaare

Reservation: +372 4524707 ja restoran@arensburg.ee



Autumn Fair

Friday – Saturday  7.-8.09 | Friday 10:00-18:00; Saturday 10:00-16:00 | Kuressaare Cultural Center

Different companies from all over Estonia offer their productions and provide services in the center of Kuressaare.

Exhibition “Estonian ceramics at the home of an islander”

6-10.09 | at 11:00-19:00 | Kuressaare castle exhibition hall

Two years ago, during the Saaremaa Food Festival, was in the Saaremaa Museum exhibited at the Langebraun Factory’s Porcelain Art exhibition. The interest tothe exhibition was over the expectations, the idea was that it could continue and so the exhibition “Estonia’s Glass” was born a year ago, where the works of Meleski, Lorup and mainly Tarbeklaas were exhibited. It is important to note that both exhibitions had islanders  the opportunity to watch around their homes and bring their own things to exhibition.

This year is under the spotlight Estonian ceramic. For the exhibition, we are waiting for ceramics in the homes of the islanders from various Estonian factories, as well as the works of our currently operating ceramists.


One of the most important goals of the exhibition series is to introduce and value the consumer and art objects produced in Estonia from time to time, whether they are glass or this time ceramic.

The exhibition: Wednesday – Sunday  at 11.00-19.00 (cash desk is open from 11.00 to 18.00)

Ticket for exhibition: 3 €, with castle 6 €

The exhibition will remain open until 30 September!

Brewmaster special at Pihtla brewery taproom

11.09.2016 | 12:00-20:00 | Pihtla brewery taproom

mekituba Estonian oldest microbrewery invites to taste the flavors of a quarter century old brewery. Always available traditional farmhouse beer
combined with exclusive taproom crafts are the main reasons to visit us. On Saaremaa Food Festival our brew-master is personally behind the tap.
Come, ask and enjoy the work of Pihtla brew-masters next to the brewery itself!

Location: brewery is located near Pihtla manor. Starting from Kuressaare drive 13.5 km straight down Pihtla road. After bus stop „Mõisa“ turn left and you will see the taproom after about 300 m on the left side.
If you are interested in having a tour at the brewery please register first.

Contacts: +3725228289 and e-mail mekituba@pihtlapruul.ee.

SaareMaaPäevad tent for youth – I WAS HERE

8.-9.09 | Kuressaare city center

08.09 at 20:00 Openstraw cinema

09.09 at 10:00-16:00 CREATIVE YARD (activities / workshops for young people offer

participants of RIBS project)<

Eat food that is made in Saaremaa!

3-9.09 |at 9:00 – 21:00| Coop Saaremaa

In Coop Saaremaa own  kitschen “Saare pagar ja Saare Köök” (Saare baker and Saare Kitschen) will be made special new products during the Saaremaa Food Festival.
The tastings of products will be held at Rae’s shop from 12:00 to 14:00

New products in the following Coop stores:

Rae store – Raekoja 10, Kuressaare
Liiva  store – Liiva, Muhu Island

Vegan Feast at GoodKaarma

Sunday, September 13th | 14:00 | GoodKaarma

If when preparing dishes no meat, fish, milk or eggs are used, what is offered? Aha! Now a new discovery of the world of food begins!
A wholesome, healthy and abundant table is laid at the GoodKaarma farm and all together 4 courses of entirely plant-based foods are served.

Price for feast: 20€ per person

Location: GoodKaarma organic farm, Kuke küla, Lääne-Saare vald

To book a place on this feast call +372 5397 9789 or e-mail kati@marufood.com. This event is with pre-booking only and places are limited, so book early. Thanks and see you there!

Cyprian Filos Halloumi cheese tasting and sales


Estonian Evening

Friday 11.09.2015 | 19:00 | Saaremaa Veskis

saaremaa-veskiSaaremaa special menu with best selection of estonian drinks; folk dancers and musicians; best estonian dance hits by DJ.

Location: Pärna tn. 19 Kuressaare
Booking: tel +372 4533776 ja veski@saaremaaveski.ee

Homemade wine making work-shop and degustation

Thursday 10.09 | at 19:00 | Saaremaa Veski

Work-shop is conducted by hostess of Valgejõe Veinivilla (Valgejõe Wine Villa), sommelier Tiina Kuuler.
She has been making wine from estonian berries an fruits already 10 years. She has written several books about making homemade wine, sparkling wine and cider.
In the work-shop we will make wine from seasonal ingredients. Together we will ferment one wine and get practical skills of measuring the wine lees, sugar content, acidity and strenght.
Degustation of 10 wines – apple, currant, rhubarb, strawberry, pumpkin, gooseberry etc.

Price: 20 € per person
Location: Pärna tn. 19 Kuressaare
Booking: tel +372 4533776 ja veski@saaremaaveski.ee

Fish Day in Koguva- Grilling Championships of Saaremaa

Saturday 12.09 | 11.00-17.00 | Koguva village, Muhu island

Fish has always been one of the most important foods for islanders.

Even today peole arriving to the island assume that fresh fish is always available as sea is near.

Saaremaa Food Festival wants to cherish fish as healty local food and and would like to ask you to take part in Fish Day of Koguva, located in amazing Muhu island.

One of the highlights of the day will be grilling championships mainly focused on fish grillig.

Besides various grilling activities you`ll see and hear local Muhu performers dancing-singing. Lovely sea-trips with fishing boats, lots of fun competitons and of course chance to buy fresh local fish- it all means Fish Day in Koguva. Various local Saaremaa producers bring their best fishing products to Koguva for you to taste and buy.

08:00 – Getting ready for grilling
09:00 – Start of the grilling
11:00 – Opening speeches of the day

  • Performing the contestants, interviews with teams
  • Meeting of the Estonian Grilling Union

11:15 – Local Muhu folk performances
12:00 – Valuation of the Round 1: Baltic herring blind assessment
12:15 – Perch clearing and filleting for famous Muhu islanders and for the crowd
13:00 – Valuation of the Round 2: Blind assessment for the Perch
13:00-14:00 – “Story of the Tooma Farm`s food”

  • Guided tour in Muhu Museum focused on foods. Starting from 19th century: how and where did peole get the food, what did the grow, what did the eat, how did the restore it etc
  • At small fee you can buy local farm food recepies
    Peole who want to take part of the tour will be waited in entrance of Tooma Farm
    Paricipation fee 3 €/ per person

13:15 – Local Muhu folk performances and Perch clearing and filleting for famous Muhu islanders and for the crowd
14:00 – Valuation of the Round 3: Open valuation for the Fantasy round
15:00 – Local Muhu folk performances
16:00 – Rewarding of the contestants, taking group photos
During the day:

  • Starding from 11:30- to all day: fun sea-trips with fishing boats. Fee 5 €/ pp
  • Cafe is open
  • Local fishing products from Saaremaa

Grilling Championships of Saaremaa competition rules and registration info will be found on Estonian Grillin Union web-site LOOK HERE

Besides Estonian Grillin Union prices Saaremaa Food Festival awards contestants with little souvenirs. Saare Hõbe and Leedevälja will award three best with their products.


Competition for pupils “I would eat that”

Wednesday 10.09| at 12:00 | Nasva Klubi

We invite Saare county school students to participate in the contest “I would eat that”. The event is designed to give school students an opportunity to prepare exactly so kind of salad and a dessert, which they like.
Competition should be prepared and presented on a salad and dessert.
Team 4 children+ one adult or 5 children, how you want. One team may be children from different schools.

In both age groups the first three teams will expect awards from the following companies: Georg Ots Spa Hotel and Saaremaa Spa Hotel. In both age groups the winners will have opportunity to participate in Gala dinner “Talents are back home”. Gifts to all participants!


saartesahver saaremaa-spa koplimae gospa-logo

Competition for pupils 2014

Service contest “The Best Server of Saaremaa”

Tuesday 6.09| at 16:00 | Kuressaare Culture Centre

Service competition is only open to employees of catering establishments of Saare county. The competition consists of three distinct stages:
1. Napkin Folding,
2. The sparkling opening and pouring accuracy
3. a table covering for four guests according to their corporate style.

The competition will be have the first three places, awards from Liviko, A.Le Coq, Tridens and Saaremaa Piimatööstus (dairy). All the rest will be the fourth, so the losers will be not. The competition winner will receive an invitation to participate in the Arensburg Veiniklubi ( Wine Club) activities.

poide_brewery_logo arensburg-veiniklubi-logokuressaare-ametikool

Service contest “The Best Server of Saaremaa” 2014

Gala dinner “Talents are back home”

On Friday, 09.09.2016 | At 18:00 | Kuressaare Ametikool/ Kuressaare Regional Training Centre

In many kitchens in Estonia and all over the world, you can find talented and successful cooks who come from Saare county. Most of them have acquired their first cooking skills at Kuressaare Ametikool / Kuressaare Regional Training Centre.
For one evening, Saaremaa Food Festival brings back home some talented graduates of Kuressaare Ametikool (Kuressaare Regional Training Centre), whose roots are in Saaremaa.
Our talents will prepare a delicious six-course gala dinner together. Gala dinner offers various tastes from the mainland as well as from the heart of Europe.

Participating talents:
Heinrich Liis – Swedish Embassy in Brussels, chef
Tormi Sikk – restaurant Konrad, sous-chef
Risto Laanet – cafe Mosaiik, chef

A surprise cocktail will be made by hospitality service graduate Mari Trall ( Sadama Summerlounge – Tallinn).

One part of a six-course gala dinner will be cooked under the guidance of an experienced chef Emmanuel “Manu” Wille from Olde Hansa.
A list of wines available at gala dinner will be chosen by a sommelier Karel Veski from Liviko.
The students of Kuressaare Ametikool will assist the professional cooks and serve the food and drinks.


Smoked Eel cream
on Camelina seed chip with fast marinated chives
Baltic herring filet on Muhu bread puff
with Scorzonera cream and fermented cucumber
Clear chanterelle soup
with mushrooms prepared in different ways and with home made pastries
Whitefish in a fluffy salted crust
with veloute mousse, carrot cream and roasted mini vegetables (carrot, beet)
Veal cheek moored in Pöide beer
with leek “ash” crusted potato cylinder , roasted celery cream and marinated mustard seeds
Sweet apple ice cream
with fresh berries, berry chips and mousse
Petit fours

Price of gala dinner: 55 €/ 1 person. The price includes non-alcoholic and alcoholic beverages.
Clothing: festive
Reservation until 07.09.2016: hotel Mardi, info@hotelmardi.eu, +372 45 24 633
Early reservation is highly recommended because there is a limited number of seats at the gala dinner.
Venue: 5a Vallimaa street / 22 Kohtu street, Kuressaare, room K4

Big Market Day

Saturday 7.09 | at 10:00-15:00 | Kuressaare city centre

Large and small food manufacturers, farmers and local artisans are trading food, horticultural products, handicrafts and others as needed. Tastings of products bearing the mark “Made in Saaremaa”.

Schoolchildren will open a cafe in the centre of Market Day and gift shop and waiting for visitors.
On Market Day creates the mood accordion music, in the heart of city will be animals.

Traders are required for pre-registration. Information phone +372 5621 0102

sktk leader-logo-1


“Harvest celebration” of Saarte Hääl and Raadio Kadi

Friday 11.09 | at 18:00 | Kuressaare city centre 

Friday evening at six, are you adults or small peoples please take steps toward to the centre of Kuressaare, to become part “Harvest celebration” feast. As each party so also on Harvest celebration party will be good music, in addition the best home cooked bread will announced
The mood creates band Kihnu Boys, assisted by Saaremaas own band Werg.

The event is free for everyone!

Raadio_Kadi Saarte_Haal

Contest of home cooked bread

Friday 09.09 | Kuressaare

Contest is held by local newspaper Saarte Hääl.

  • Competition is open to individuals, organizations and associations.
  • Each competitor can participate in the competition with two bread (allowed the traditional and breads with additives).
  • To participate must register in advance by kerli@saartehaal.ee or+372 5177980.
  • To competition are involved only pre-registered bread masters
  • Entries must be delivered to the newspaper Saarte Hääl editorial board (Kuressaare, Tallinna tn 9) no later than 11.09 before 10:00
  • The winner will be announced 11.09 on “Harvest celebration” of newspaper Saarte Hääl and radio Raadio Kadi in Kuressaare city centre. The winner worthy of the prize.

kadi-raadio-uus-logo  Saarte_Haal

Mushroom exhibition

6.-9.09 | at 11:00 – 18:00 | Kuressaare Episcopal Castle

6th – 9th September in the Museum of Saaremaa, Kuressaare Castle in main floor mushroom exhibition.
All are you small or adult come to check out mushrooms found in our forests. Released edible, non-edible, conditionally edible and toxic mushroom species e. all the mushrooms that the forest gives us at this time.

The exhibition is open every day from 11:00 to 18:00.



During the mushroom  exhibition will be also MUSHROOM CAKE competition, also takes place in Kuressaare Castle.

Put your fantasy on work and charm out one tasty mushroom cake!

We will be glad to see you with your cake in Kuressaare Castle on September 8 at 13.00.

Location: Lossi 1, Kuressaare Castle



Workshop of brewing traditional Saaremaa home beer

Saturday 12.09 | at 10:00 | Jööri Village Museum

logoIn workshop of brewing traditional Saaremaa home beer will will be made through all the stages involved in the manufacture of homemade beer with practical examples and tasting. In the workshop, participants have a great education, food, drink, smoke sauna.

10:00 Workshop begins
14:00 Homebrewed beer Contest
16:00 Smoke Sauna

Location: Jööri village, Valjala parish
Workshop cost: will be published in the coming month
To the workshop, preregistration is required, as number of places will be limited: Sulev Peäske; +372 5136998

Saarte Sahver – island tastes

Monday – Saturday 3-8.09 | at 10:00-18:00 | Kuressaare

In local – and ecogoods shop „Saarte Sahver“ will take place in during the Food Festival different presentations production of small producers from Saare County, also tastings, prices -15%


Location: Kohtu 3, Kuressaare

Homebrewed beer 2015


Saturday 12.09 | at 14:00 | Jööri Village Museum

During Saaremaa Food Festival will take place the contest “Homebrewed beer 2015”, organized by the Saaremaa Beer club „Saare Sangad“ in collaboration with the Jööri Village Society.

Homebrewed beer competition is open to the all beer masters, who like the beer! Best tasting homemade beer will choos on September 12, Jööri Village Museum, by a jury of experts. The best beer master will have a huges prize!

Registration to the competition (until 9:09) +372 5141492 Toivo Naagel.


Contest of homemade beer 2014

Apple Cafés’ Day

Sunday 18th of September | At 12:00–18:00 | In Kuressaare

September is a month when the trees are heavy with apples and you just can’t stop wondering what to do with the fruits. Saaremaa Food Festival is giving us all a chance to make one lovely Sunday (15th of September) a very exciting day.

We invite all of you along with your families, friends, acquaintances, and guests, to participate in the Apple Cafés’ Day on a lovely Sunday in Kuressaare!

On Sunday, 9th of September, the city will be vivacious, because in different gardens, yards and other venues there will be opened a lot of Apple Cafés. Every café has something exciting and unique to just this place and they invite all of you to come and visit. All this gives more than enough reason to discover the city in quite a different Sunday excursion.

The Apple Cafés are looking forward to see you at 12:00 and they stay open until 18:00. You may find some variances in opening times when you look below at the list of our exciting cafés along with their locations and descriptions.

The map with the cafés’ locations can be printed in future  from this web-page, you can also find it from the county newspapers , from from the cafés or print from homepage.

The photos of the event will be posted on the Facebook Saaremaa Toidufestival

The Apple Cafés in Kuressaare on the 15th of September at 12:00-18.00





Kuressaare Street Picnic

Saturday, 7th of September | At 18:00 – 23:00 | Center of Kuressaare

A nice evening on the main street of Kuressaare.  As usual, we provide a kilometer of tables covered with white tablecloths- delicious dishes, beverages and a pleasant companion comes with You!

When does the picnic take place?
7th of September from 6pm to 11pm. At 11 pm is time to end the picnic and head for the after-parties at the local cafes, restaurants and nightclubs.

Where does the picnic take place?
The picnic tables will run along Lossi street. The whole area will be 500m long and have two parallel rows of tables. It makes altogether about 1km of tables. There will be a break in the row after every tenth table, to guarantee the free movement of people to share great food and experiences.

What to wear?
As it was last year so also this year we rejoice when You wear traditional folk clothes! If you don´t have a complete set of folk clothes, wear an apron, head-wear or anything else that is part of folk clothes. You are also welcome if you don`t have folk items and wear your most comfortable clothes.

Can the kids come?
Of course! Kuressaare street picnic has always been a fun family event, therefore there will be a special area for children.

How to book a table?
For bigger groups, who wish to sit together, we offer the possibility to book tables. One table seats 8 people. Booking will be opened a few months before the event.

How to find your booked table?
The tables have been divided into groups of ten, which are marked with letters in alphabetical order. You will be given a letter and number of the table with the booking.

Plan B: In case of heavy rain, there will be no picnic.



Dinner The Theatre is cooking at café Remark

Tuesday 08.09 | at 19:00 | Kuressaare

This year the food festival in Kuressaare includes a delicious dinner at the historical Kuressaare Linnateater (Citytheatre) where the theatre crew in its entirety will do the cooking for you.

The dinner is served in three courses, the emphasis falling on the diverse range of the seasonal tastes in Fall. The starter will be up to the women of the theatre to make and the main will be cooked by the men of the crew. The cherry on top is a heavenly dessert by the directress herself.

Price: 15€/ 1 person (without drinks)
Location: Tallinna 20, Kuressaare at café Remark
Booking: leena.molder@gmail.com or +372 5289945 (Leena Mölder)