Kuressaare Street Picnic

Saturday, 8th of September | At 18:00 | Center of Kuressaare

There are no strict rules for having a picnic, but it still contains some important elements: lovely company and keeping away the everyday thoughts. This is your opportunity to experience something unique – come and join our friendly KURESSAARE STREET PICNIC in Kuressaare city centre in Lossi Street. The picnic unites all the islanders and our visitors!

Kuressaare Street Picnic starts at 6 p.m. and ends at 10 p.m. After that, you can go to some enjoyable follow-up events in the town’s cafes, restaurants and night clubs.

The picnic tables will start from the crossing of Lossi and Pargi Street and go along Lossi Street until St. Lawrence church. The whole area will have two parallel rows of tables. There will be a break in the row after every tenth table, to guarantee the free movement of people to share great food and experiences.

What to wear?
Last year the picnic was marine themed. This year we decided it will be light, clean and bright – WHITE. We will not send anybody back, but guests dressed in white will be especially welcome.

Can the kids come?
Of course! Kuressaare street picnic has always been a fun family event, therefor there will be a special area for children. The children’s tent „Pink fairytale“ will be located next to Arensburg hotel on Kitzberg street.

How to book a table?
There will be plenty of tables for everybody.

For bigger groups, who wish to sit together, we offer the possibility to book tables. We will book two or more tables at a time. One table seats 8 people. Tables can be booked until 06.09 by writing to info@visitsaaremaa.ee

How to find your booked table?
The tables have been divided into groups of ten, which are marked with letters in alphabetical order. You will be given a letter and number of the table with the booking. There will be a street picnic volunteer at each of the table blocks, who will show you to the table.

IMPORTANT INFORMATION: The picnic will be cancelled if it’s pouring rain.