Eel Soup Dinner

Friday 6.09 | at 18:00 | Tihemetsa farm in Nasva

Eel, a fish species with snake like body, is known by many people. One, who has never hold it in his hands, has at least tasted its delicious meat or seen it in the pictures. Mostly this fish is related with islands and more and more visitors ask, where can they buy it?!

On 7th of September every curious visitor has the opportunity to see, touch and taste eel in a Tihemetsa farm in a small fishing village called Nasva. Fish meals have been served in this family based farm more than twenty years.

Dinner includes eel soup, smoked fish, boiled potatoes, green salad, marinated fish, sour cream, cake, coffee and water. You can also have selected suitable wines. General information about those wines and their relation to fish food is being shared by Märt who represents company called Ensert Ltd.

Cozy atmosphere is created by a accordion player.

Dinner price: 30 € per person

Location: Tihemetsa farm, Sadama street 2, Nasva village, Saaremaa


n for the dinner is mandatory: +372 5265511 or