Pöide beers availabel on tap and for wholesale purchases in Pöide Brewing Hall

10.09 | at 11:00-18:00 | Pöide Brewing Hall

poide_brewery_logoSaaremaa is an island of many legends – one of them is the unbeatable beer brewing tradition. The landscape is dominated by the medieval Pöide church, so massive it’s more a fortress than a church. This strength is reflected in the local craft beer, humbly baptised Pöide as well.

The brewery started in 2013 in a small family farm in the vicinity of the landmark. But the demand was so high that Koit and Kristel of Pöide couldn’t produce enough of the good stuff in their barn. So they decided to move house – but leaving the island was unthinkable.

Fortunately they found a perfect new home for their beer right in the heart of Saaremaa – in the island’s charming capital Kuressaare. The Art Deco industrial building with its grand hall is a fair reference to the church.

It’s not just about making, though. The new Pöide Brewing Hall also welcomes visitors to give them a sneak peak of the craft. The chosen ones would also get a chance to taste the legendary brew without leaving the premises.

Location: Pöide Brewing Hall in Tolli str. 25a Kuressaare