Väinatammi pleasure picnic

9.09 | at 18:00-22:00 | On causeway Väinatamm

The causeway between islands Muhu and Saaremaa was opened 121 years ago.

Over time, the causeway has undergone various renovation courses, and decades have also talked about the need to open the causeway to ensure better flow of water. The decoration has even been enlarged and arches have been prepared for making openings, but so it has remained and has been standing for decades.

The Väinatammi pleasure picnic will take place in the extension of the causeway, which is indicated by the center of the picnic. Participating in the prize for everyone is a fun and extraordinary experience and who knows what else …

Väinatammi pleasure picnic begins at 18:00 and we will finish at 22:00.

At 19:30 all participants can enjoy the performance of Kuldsed Lehtrid wind orchestra.

Orissaare brass was founded in 1989 and for the first 20 years its leader was Valdo Rüütelmaa. Today, the brass operates under the Orissaare Music School and is directed by the Teacher of the Blacksmiths Karlis Saar.


Picnik’s eager reminder:
• Come up and sit down with other picnics;
• Choose clothing suitable for the weather;
• Take a table, chair, carpet, etc., on which you will sit and have a picnic;
• Take your picnic basket;
• Follow markings and comply with traffic regulations and safety;
• Park your vehicle before the picnic area;
• As the alcohol is discharged into a motor vehicle;
• Follow the organizers’ recommendations and overall security;
• Get good mood and friendliness;
• As everyone picks up, everyone cleans themselves away;
• Enjoy a common meeting.

Information from organizers:
• the garbage saves each picnic;
• We also bring music for picnics;
• In the case of heavy winds and snow rays, there will not be a race record!