Fish Day in Koguva- Grilling Championships of Saaremaa

Saturday 12.09 | 11.00-17.00 | Koguva village, Muhu island

Fish has always been one of the most important foods for islanders.

Even today peole arriving to the island assume that fresh fish is always available as sea is near.

Saaremaa Food Festival wants to cherish fish as healty local food and and would like to ask you to take part in Fish Day of Koguva, located in amazing Muhu island.

One of the highlights of the day will be grilling championships mainly focused on fish grillig.

Besides various grilling activities you`ll see and hear local Muhu performers dancing-singing. Lovely sea-trips with fishing boats, lots of fun competitons and of course chance to buy fresh local fish- it all means Fish Day in Koguva. Various local Saaremaa producers bring their best fishing products to Koguva for you to taste and buy.

08:00 – Getting ready for grilling
09:00 – Start of the grilling
11:00 – Opening speeches of the day

11:15 – Local Muhu folk performances
12:00 – Valuation of the Round 1: Baltic herring blind assessment
12:15 – Perch clearing and filleting for famous Muhu islanders and for the crowd
13:00 – Valuation of the Round 2: Blind assessment for the Perch
13:00-14:00 – “Story of the Tooma Farm`s food”

13:15 – Local Muhu folk performances and Perch clearing and filleting for famous Muhu islanders and for the crowd
14:00 – Valuation of the Round 3: Open valuation for the Fantasy round
15:00 – Local Muhu folk performances
16:00 – Rewarding of the contestants, taking group photos
During the day:

Grilling Championships of Saaremaa competition rules and registration info will be found on Estonian Grillin Union web-site LOOK HERE

Besides Estonian Grillin Union prices Saaremaa Food Festival awards contestants with little souvenirs. Saare Hõbe and Leedevälja will award three best with their products.