Saaremaa Food Festival

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Festival in Saaremaa, locally made proper food, mellow joke, gentle music and tasty beer has always been highly appreciated. The second Saaremaa Food Festival is taking place in September 7th until 13th 2015.

Saaremaa Food Festival:

  • ­is VALUING local raw ingredients that have been grown here in the island and prepared honestly, heartedly and responsibly.
  • ­is INTRODUCING specialities of the islands food culture and local master chefs
  • ­is ENCOURAGING younger generation as well as older and experienced
  • ­is CREATING new traditions in food culture
  • ­is INVITING well-known cooks to participate from far away places
  • ­is OFFERING a possibility to turn your homes backyard into a garden cafe for a day
  • ­is ATTRACTING even the laziest islander out of his home to the street picnic
  • ­is OPENING the doors of all the eating places as well as the hearts of their guests
  • Food culture forms a substantial part of our local traditions.
    Earlier days, on important holidays and events, special dishes were enjoyed which were different from everyday foods, that turned every event to be extraordinary and much anticipated. Today, the summers in Saaremaa are rousing – numerous guests, cozy evenings filled with buzzing atmosphere from restaurants outer terraces and people’s backyards. By September, everything calms down and for the islander quieter everyday rhythm is replacing the summers sweetness.

    Why shouldn’t we put some liveliness into darker September by upgrading the food culture!

  • Picnic baskets are not yet put aside for winter, so it’s just a right time to fill them with some good and wholesome food and meet the friends in the street picnic.
  • Restaurant Week is attracting attention with exciting offers.
  • A lively Market Day in the Kuressaare downtown area with its genuine goods from the island has something to offer for every taste.
  • A big fish day, promotes food coming in from the sea.
  • The competitions for best homemade bread and homemade beer will bring excitement…
  • Lots of interesting food-related doings together in one week!
  • Saaremaa Tourism Foundation together with its partners has started this new tradition in Saaremaa to make islands autumn cultural calendar more vivid. First started in 2014, a colorful and spirited Saaremaa Food Festival, is taking place in September.

    Lets create and develop food culture together through nice ventures!

    Everyone is invited to take part in the exciting program of the Saaremaa week-long Food Festival, because we all love good food and great company.

    Everyone who wants to join the organizers and participate actively, please do not hesitate to introduce yourself!

    Additional info about Saaremaa Food Festival: info@saaremaatourism.ee; +3725050100.