Dinner The Theatre is cooking at café Remark - Saaremaa Toidufestival

Dinner The Theatre is cooking at café Remark

Tuesday 08.09 | at 19:00 | Kuressaare

This year the food festival in Kuressaare includes a delicious dinner at the historical Kuressaare Linnateater (Citytheatre) where the theatre crew in its entirety will do the cooking for you.

The dinner is served in three courses, the emphasis falling on the diverse range of the seasonal tastes in Fall. The starter will be up to the women of the theatre to make and the main will be cooked by the men of the crew. The cherry on top is a heavenly dessert by the directress herself.

Price: 15€/ 1 person (without drinks)
Location: Tallinna 20, Kuressaare at café Remark
Booking: leena.molder@gmail.com or +372 5289945 (Leena Mölder)