7-course Finnish finest restaurant Juuri dinner with wines - Saaremaa Toidufestival

7-course Finnish finest restaurant Juuri dinner with wines

03.09 | at 19:00 | Lounge Muusa

Chef of restaurant Juuri, Jukka Nykänen with his team from Finland will be visiting hotel Arensburg. They will prepare a 7-course dinner. The wines are chosen by the sommelier Karel Veski.

Authentic flavours, wanton passion, wild herbs, crazy ideas, love for artisan produce and the skill to make incredibly tasty food. At Juuri we believe that traditions should be saved by updating them to become a part of Helsinki’s current food culture. Thanks to the best local ingredients we have flavours that don’t pale in comparison with the culinary treasures of other cultures. We want to pamper our diners’ taste buds with a cross section of local tastes.

The menu:

  1. Herring, potatoes and onions
  2. Carrots and yogurt
  3. Mushrooms and cucumber
  4. Pike, crayfish and apples
  5. Lamb, kohlrabi and horseradish
  6. Blue cheese, blueberries and malt
  7. Blackberries, butter and whey

Price: Price in August 49 eur, From 01.09 price 59 eur per person

Location: Lossi 15, Kuressaare

Reservation: +372 4524707 ja restoran@arensburg.ee