Apple Cafes Day - in Kuressaare on island Saaremaa invites

Apple Cafes day

Apple Cafes’ Day, 15 September – every apple lover’s dream Sunday!

Every year in the middle of September, there is one and only special Sunday when the number of cafes in Kuressaare multiplies. It is on this day that Saaremaa Food Festival’s flavoursome Apple Cafes are open. This is a very exclusive opportunity for everyone who wants to open their own cafe even if only for one day. Apple cafes are like apples themselves – there are always some good, old and well-known “varieties”, i.e. already familiar courtyard cafes, as well as completely new surprises. Each cafe has its own style. However, all of them are “made from apples”, that is, pastries, pies, cakes and drinks are mostly made from apples.

It is worth setting aside a whole day to visit the apple cafes and it will probably still not be enough. There are simply so many exciting places to visit and see. Kuressaare is just the right size to walk or cycle from cafe to cafe. This way, the day will turn into a deliciously healthy gourmet trip, where you can invite your family and friends as well.

One thing is clear – the autumn apple harvest is always used incredibly creatively, there seems to be no end to the great recipes!

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