Apple Cafes Day - in Kuressaare on island Saaremaa invites

Apple Cafes day

Apple Cafes’ Day, 17 September – every apple lover’s dream Sunday!

Every year in the middle of September, there is one and only special Sunday when the number of cafes in Kuressaare multiplies. It is on this day that Saaremaa Food Festival’s flavoursome Apple Cafes are open. This is a very exclusive opportunity for everyone who wants to open their own cafe even if only for one day. Apple cafes are like apples themselves – there are always some good, old and well-known “varieties”, i.e. already familiar courtyard cafes, as well as completely new surprises. Each cafe has its own style. However, all of them are “made from apples”, that is, pastries, pies, cakes and drinks are mostly made from apples.

It is worth setting aside a whole day to visit the apple cafes and it will probably still not be enough. There are simply so many exciting places to visit and see. Kuressaare is just the right size to walk or cycle from cafe to cafe. This way, the day will turn into a deliciously healthy gourmet trip, where you can invite your family and friends as well.

One thing is clear – the autumn apple harvest is always used incredibly creatively, there seems to be no end to the great recipes!

Few recommendations


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Apple of Eden

Location: Kitzbergi 22 Kuressaare

Apple of Eden will please your palate and mind! At Apple of Eden, we offer delicacies from a young kitchen king. For example, the star of the savory dishes is pan bread with smoked fish cream. The chef also offers homemade lasagna and nutmeg soup with various side dishes. For dessert, we have many baked goods available ranging from apple and toffee cinnamon rolls to red velvet cake and Grandma`s apple pie. You can also expect live music in the cafe area – a band the likes of which are not often found in Kuressaare will offer a performance. Well-known songs from this and the previous century are performed by an ensemble of bassoon and piano/guitar. The cherry on the apple cake is a chat menu with a mental health professional.

Apple of Eden offers joyful experiences, come and you won t regret it!


Location: Ida 1, Kuressaare

Local foodtruck Bakaak opens its cafe again on Saaremaa’s very own Apple Cafe Day, where we offer you, among our usual menu, plenty of apple sodas and apple cakes and also a seat in our cafe.

Coop’s Charity Apple Cafe

Location: Raekoja 1, Kuressaare

Join us this Sunday at Coop’s Charity Apple Cafe (Raekoja 1, Kuressaare), where we’re transforming the area in front of the department store into a cozy café. All proceeds from this initiative will go to support the Saaremaa Cancer Association, an organization that provides invaluable assistance, support, and advice to those battling cancer. In the café, you can savor homemade cakes and preserves crafted by the Coop Saaremaa team.

Thank you for helping us make a difference!

Elu ätsed

Location: Väljaku 8, Kuressaare

The apple cafe is open on the premises of Saaremaa Upper-Secondary School, and its employees are working to offer you different delicious food made from apples and other delicacies. There are a few surprises for visitors every hour on the hour. We have thought about guests of all ages. The weather is no obstacle as it is possible to stay outside and inside.

Hariduse ampsud

Location: Hariduse 13, Kuressaare

Everything is new in September! Hariduse school is back from Upa – the forest school has become a town school again and what a fancy school it is! Grand and bright! We are looking forward to showing off this beauty to everyone and filling your bellies with yummy food! We offer savory and sweet, school soup and entertainment – all prepared by our teachers, board of trustees and parents. As it is a charity event, all funds will be invested into the well-being of the school family.

Tours of the interior of the new school building will take place at 12:00, 13:00, 14:00 and 15:00

We will be looking forward to welcoming you!


Location: Transvaali 34, Kuressaare

Deep inside we are all a little weird. Maybe even more than a little. In our cafe you are free to be as strange and unusual as you have always wanted to be! We’ll be serving funky tunes, food and drink- some salty, some sweet, some unusual, some classic. We also have some clothes we’d like to get rid of and lovely local crafts for you to buy. And don’t worry if you’re short on cash- in exchange for food we will accept other offerings as well! Get creative and stay weird!

Kevade Õunahoov

Location: Kevade 11, Kuressaare

Kevade Õunahoov opens its gates again and all old and new friends – you are very welcome! This year too, we offer you something new and super good, but the old favorites are also waiting for you. Such as parfait, meringue roll, Pavlova, Domino cake. We also have one mega cool news – sushi is back! Saaremaa Mesi from Valjala is there with loads of honey and the selection is very rich. There is regular, creamy and with natural cranberry powder. You can enjoy sweets on the spot or buy everything to take away, if there is no more room in your stomach.

Come and enjoy this wonderful day together!

LC Kuressaare Pireti heategevuskohvik LAHKUS LOEB

Location: Lossi 17, Kuressaare

Our Pirets’ apple café offers you delicious taste experiences and hot coffee. You can reach us from the direction of Kitzbergi Street. Come enjoy and do a good deed!

Merineitsi Happy Ubin

Location: Ravila 2a, Kuressaare

In our café you can enjoy warm pancakes with homemade jams, new and traditional apple pastries and something savoury.
There’s no need to worry about the autumn rains, you can enjoy our offerings sitting in the shade of a tent.

You can try your hand at a lucky draw – every ticket is a winner!

Pink Elephant

Location: Merikotka 34, Kuressaare

Discover a world of apple-infused delights at Pink Elephant!

At Pink Elephant, we’re all about celebrating the deliciousness of apples in every bite. From our mouthwatering Japanese Apple Curry to our heavenly Apple Cupcakes, Cheesecake, and Pavlova, we’ve got something to satisfy every apple lover’s craving. This time around we are making double batches of everything, so that you would not leave empty handed or with an empty stomach!

Pintsel, Pits ja Pirukas

Location:  Tallinna 2,  Kuressaare

Putukate kodu

Location: Õie 2, Kuressaare

The family of Kuressaare Ida Niidu kindergarten welcomes everyone to the apple cafe “Putukate Kodu”!
In the kindergarten yard, you can strengthen your body with delicious baked goods and various thirst quenchers prepared by parents and teachers. Children can climb on the attractions, play in the sandbox, swing or draw with chalks. Pleasant music plays in the background.
During the day, there are various surprises planned for children and adults of all ages.
It is a charity cafe, in which the earned income goes to open various learning opportunities!
The organizers are the board of trustees of the kindergarten together with children, parents and teachers.
We promote environmentally sustainable and circular economy. Therefore, we recommend that you take your own plate and drinking cup with you from home, with which you can travel from cafe to cafe. Of course, if you forgot to take them with you from home, we also have some in ours to put delicious food and drinks in front of.
You are all welcome!

Pärli õunaaed

Location: Kummeli 8 , Kuressaare

Shroom ‘n’ apple

Location: Vallimaa 7, Kuressaare

Saaremaa Museum welcomes guests to the garden cafe of the Johannes and Joosep Aavik Museum, where we offer taste experiences for both sweet and savory lovers. In addition, we also open the main door of the museum, and every cafe guest has the opportunity to learn about the life and activities of the famous Aaviks.

STH Õunakas

Location: Hariduse 12, Kuressaare

Hey-hey all apple lovers! We are coming again, for the third year already. In the café, many sweet but also salty pastries come for sale. However, if everything better (both sweet and salty) has already reached your stomach from the counter and you would like a little eye-pleasing  (ceramics and crocheted animals), then S-Studio offers it. We also empty the wardrobes!

We look forward to welcoming everyone!


Location: Tallinna 45, Kuressaare

If you’re not feeling brave enough to come to church, then don’t worry – our Apple Cafe won’t bite ya!

Better yet, you can be the one to bite – we’ve got cakes, hot drinks, soft-serve ice cream and much more in our church yard that will leave you licking your plate clean. The doors to the church building are also wide open for anyone looking to have some quiet time, learn about the history of the church or just be curious.

Every purchase goes toward helping the youth work in the church!

Tagahoovi kohvik

Location: Kungla 15, Kuressaare

We’re welcoming you for the fifth time, and as always, in any weather! It’s also worth stopping by later in the day, even with a full stomach. We have plenty of food for everyone and everything can also be packed for takeaway.

This year, our menu includes items like cheesecake-raspberry brownie, tiramisu, strawberry cake, pear-almond cake, vegan banana bread, rum balls, and, of course, the hugely popular Napoleon cake. Our menu also includes “pannileib”, pearl couscous stew, feta-spinach pie, pizza wreath, and chanterelle pie!

In the Small Backyard Café, you can enjoy treats like cat Arthur’s cake, chocolate popcorn, mozzarella-tomato bruschettas, and fresh handmade French fries.

In addition to food, you can also purchase various unique apple jams, and there’s a small clothing market.

Toidupanga õunakohvik

Location: Ravila 1a, Kuressaare

Õige magus!

Location: Kaare 6, Kuressaare

Everyone is welcome at the café Nelikaare Church, where there is something for anyone’s taste. We have children playing area in the corner of the café. For those who are interested, we offer the opportunity of seeing the historical building, which once was the Soviet Border patrol club house and which is housing the Pentecostal church of Kuressaare.

In addition, everyone are welcome for the Church service at 11.00-12.00.

Õunakohvik Blatt

Location: Uus-Roomassaare 6 (hoovis), Kuressaare


Location: Uus 45, Kuressaare

Our cafe offers plant-based food, some of them also gluten free. It is good to health and tastes nice. You’ll never know how good it is, when you haven’t tried. We try to use as many local ingredients as possible.