September is a month when the trees are heavy with apples and you just can’t stop wondering what to do with the fruits. Saaremaa Food Festival is giving us all a chance to make one lovely Sunday (13th of September) a very exciting day.

We invite all of to participate in the Apple Cafés’ Day on a lovely Sunday in Kuressaare! Come with your families, friends, acquaintances, and guests,

On Sunday, 13th of September, the city will be vivacious. In different gardens, yards and other venues there will be opened a lot of Apple Cafés. Every café has something exciting and unique to just this place and they invite all of you to come and visit. All this gives more than enough reason to discover the city in quite a different Sunday excursion.

The Apple Cafés are looking forward to see you at 12:00 and they stay open until 18:00. You may find some variances in opening times when you look below at the list of our exciting cafés along with their locations and descriptions.

The map with the cafés’ locations can be printed  from this web-page. You can also find it from the county newspapers.

Day will be photographed and partially filmed, and the recordings are made public on the Saaremaa Food Festival’s Facebook, Instagram and website. When you take a picture, we ask you to use the #saaremaatoidufestival in your Instagram posts. For Facebook posts, please if you making your own FB posts mark @saarematoidufestival. With your consent, we will also share the best pictures on our social media

Apple Cafés Day in Kuressaare on the 13th of September at 12:00-18.00

Backyard (Blatti) Cafe

Location: Kungla 15, Kuressaare

Come hell or high water, we are open in any weather!
This year our cafe offers you both new hits and last year’s favorites: Napoleon’s cake, tiramisu and cottage cheese pie are back on the menu. In addition, we will have crispy cheese balls, chicken tacos, potato salad, zephyr cake and other delicacies.
Our 10-year-old chef will open his Little Backyard Cafe, where you can buy his own made chocolate cake and savory and sweet pancakes.

Everything can also be packed for takeaway, so come visit us even with a full stomach!

Cafe Edukontori Yoga cake (Joogakook)

Location: Tallinna 1, Kuressaare

Cafe Jablotshka

Location: Kaare 6, Kuressaare

Cafe Jablotshka (“apple” in Russian) is located in the former Soviet army clubhouse, which now belongs to a local Pentecostal church. The cafe will offer again a different pies.
If the weather is nice, the event will be held outside in front of the building. In case of rain, it will be inside. No matter the weather, everyone will have a chance to look around the building and meet with friendly people.

Welcome to the cafe Jablotshka!

Cafe Kena

Location: Transvaali 43, Kuressaare

Youth is not doomed! To give young people an opportunity to spend less time in front of screens and to do something with their own hands we have a plan to open a cafe where young people work. All the Apple Cafes´ Day benefits will to cover youth cafe needs- including inventory/furniture (dishwasher, ice machine, pancake skillet, airfryer) Cafe offers delicious cakes served with ice-cream, savory bites and tasty alcohol free cocktails.

Cafe Kevade Õunahoov

Location: Kevade 11, Kuressaare

We are welcoming everyone to visit us. We are offering sweet and savory treats, the cake selection is extensive – both old favourites and lots of new additions. For ice cream fans, Ice Cream Factory is present with their soft serve ice cream!
Come and let’s enjoy a lovely Sunday together!

Cafe “Õunamaius”

Location: Hariduse 2, Kuressaare

We offer delicious apple pastries, pies, snacks and much more. Hot coffee / tea and natural juice drinks.

Come  and enjoy our tastes.

Duckhouse (Pardimaja) Apple cafe

Location: Pargi 1, Kuressaare (in the courtyard of the Pargimaja guest apartments)
Duckhouse  Apple Cafe is full of different tastes, vintage clothes, great music and beautiful people.
Siim cooks probably the best loaded fries! No joke!
Triin is the master of custard desserts like eclairs.
Grete offers oh-so-yummy fluffy pancakes with apple jam.
You will definitely find some other surprises from the menu. But no doubt that everything is made with love!
See you at Pargimaja Apartments!

Piret´s Charity Cafe „Kindness matters” (Lahkus Loeb)

Location: Lossi tn.17

Apples´ cafe offers delicious taste experiences alongside with hot coffee and cold flavoured ice drinks.
From the menu you can find various baked goods from apples (such as Paris´ Apple cake with caramel sauce on the side, crispy Apple Roses, creamy Apple foam and many others). Also, Manor Lady of the Pilgus offers pan bread with a tartar sauce, juicy sancwich cake from tuna and much more!
The cafe has a lotery where every ticket wins! The lotery´s fund has been sponsored by Saaremaa´s entrepreneurs and producers.
The profit Lions´ Club Kuressaare Piret´s Apple Cafe gives us will be donated to MTÜ Diabetes Community so that they would have the opportunity to purchase high-quality monitoring devices.


Location: Suur-Põllu 4, Kuressaare

RT14 Saaremaa club will come out with its charity café this year as well. This is the fifth year in a row. Hence the anniversary cafe. In the menu we have lots of good and delicious food, which is mostly made from local ingredients. Under secrecy we can say that the Viking boat Orm is coming to visit us. And maybe other guests will come aswell. But you won’t know that until you show up. As in previous years, all this years profit will go to Kallemäe Schools children.

Doing good together is very fun!

Backyard (Tagahoovi) Cafe

Location: Kungla 15, Kuressaare


Location: Uus tn.45, Kuressaare

Our cafe ÖNNEÖUN (lucky apple) offers plant-based food, some of them also gluten free. It is good to health and tastes nice. You’ll never know how good it is, when you haven’t tried. We try to use as many local ingredients as possible.
Take your friend!