Apple Cafes Day - Kuressaare the capital of island Saaremaa invites

Apple Cafes day


September is a month when the trees are heavy with apples and you just can’t stop wondering what to do with the fruits. Saaremaa Food Festival is giving us all a chance to make one lovely Sunday (18th of September) a very exciting day.

We invite all of to participate in the Apple Cafés’ Day on a lovely Sunday in Kuressaare! Come with your families, friends, acquaintances, and guests,

On Sunday, 18th of September, the city will be vivacious. In different gardens, yards and other venues there will be opened a lot of Apple Cafes. Every café has something exciting and unique to just this place and they invite all of you to come and visit. All this gives more than enough reason to discover the city in quite a different Sunday excursion.

The Apple Cafes are looking forward to see you at 12:00 and they stay open until 17:00. You may find some variances in opening times when you look below at the list of our exciting cafés along with their locations and descriptions.



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Location: Kungla 15, Kuressaare

We are happy to invite you back again, fourth time in a row!

As always, we are open in any weather and everything can also be packed for takeaway. This year our cafe offers you Manhattan cheesecake, apple-yoghurt cake, Napoleon’s cake, large cinnamon rolls and vegan mango-passionfruit cake.

In addition, we will have pizza pie, cheese pie, crispy cheese balls, healthy corn chips, and both sweet and savory pancakes.


Location: Ida 1, Kuressaare

We will offer you, from our half built food truck named Bakaak Kebab, chicken kebab wraps and other goodies. On top of that, mandatory homemade apple lemonade and apple pie.


Location: In the backyard of Uus-Roomassaare 6, Kuressaare. Written on the house : Elu on siiski ilus!

We enjoy the simple beauty of being and the charm of the bygone era. Let it be a bow to a restful Sunday and the former Blatt Pansion.
We offer early autumn homebaked goods accompanied by gentle jazz. Cotton candy makes the mouth really sweet.

You are kindly requested!


Location: Väljaku 8, Kuressaare

The apple cafe is open on the premises of Saaremaa Upper-Secondary School, and its employees are working to offer you different delicious food made from apples and other delicacies. There are a few surprises for visitors every hour on the hour. We have thought about guests of all ages. The weather is no obstacle as it is possible to stay outside and inside.


Location: Suur-Põllu 4, Kuressaare


Location: Tallinna 8, Kuressaare, Ferrumi kaubakeskuse ees

Kohvikus müügil pirukad, muffinid, küpsised, hoidised ja koogi. Samuti võimalik ka soetada Kure fänninänni. Kohviku tulu läheb AED ehk kaasaskantava elustamisaparaadi seotamiseks FC Kuressaare Jalgpalliklubile.


Location: Tallinna 45, Kuressaare

The family of Siion Church invites You to our yard, where delicious pastries are waiting for you. People who like to listen to music can do it at 11 am at the service, where male chorus is performing. At the opening hours of the cafe, visitors can access the hall of our church, take a seat and meditate with gospel music. We have a lot of surprises during all day. All the income from the cafe goes for children and youth work. We ask You nicely to join us!


Location: Kaare 6, Kuressaare

asty pastries, good conversations, children play area, live music, art workshop, boardgames and a historical building is waiting for Café Genuinely sweet’s guests. Guests can taste Danish, Swiss, Ukrainian and local Saaremaa cuisines. The café happens at Nelikaare Church’s place, where everyone is welcome to also visit the Sunday service at 11.00, which happens right before the café opens at 12.00. There are good parking spaces for bikes, strollers and cars.


Location: Õie 2, Kuressaare Ida-Niidu Kindergarten yard

Kuressaare Ida-Niidu kindergarten family welcomes everyone to the apple cafe “Putukate Kodu”!

In the yard of the kindergarten, you can strengthen your body with delicious baked goods and various thirst quenchers prepared by parents and teachers. Children can climb on the attractions, play in the sandbox or draw with chalks. Pleasant music plays in the background.
During the day, various surprises are planned for children of all ages as well as adults.

It is a charity cafe, in which the income earned goes to the kindergarden groups to buy traffic mats.

The organizers are the board of trustees of the kindergarten together with parents and teachers.

We promote environmentally sustainable and circular economy. Therefore, we recommend that you take your own plate and drinking cup with you from home, with which you can travel from cafe to cafe. Of course, if you forgot to take them with you, we also have ours on which to place delicious food and drinks.

You are all welcomed!


Location: Kevade 11, Kuressaare

The Kevade Apple Yard invites you to visit for the 6th time already! The selection of cakes is rich – several new desserts this year as well: a coffee dessert and a cashew-salted caramel cake. Panbread too. Enjoy on site or buy to go. Ice Cream Factory and soft ice cream are here for ice cream fans! If you need to replenish your honey supplies, you can get it from us – Saaremaa Honey is here! The super talented Gloria does fantastic face painting for children and why not adults too. You can get all this from Kevade Appel Yard! Come visit us, there will be fun for everyone.


Location:  Transvaali 2, Kuressaare



Location: Lossi 17, Kuressaare

The apple cafe offers delicious taste experiences as well as hot coffee and cold iced drinks.

Our cafe you can buy pies, muffins, cookies, cakes. It’s also possible to purchase FC Kuressaare fan stuff.
All the income will go for the portable resuscitation machine for the FC Kuressaare Football Club.


Location: Kingu 6, Kuressaare

Hariduse School is moving from Upa to Kuressaare for a day to run a cafe. Apple cake from foreign language teachers, apple-shaped sandwiches from primary school teachers, waffles from maths teachers, strudel selection from special education teachers. Come and make your own apple soap!
Meet you in Kingu Street!


Location: Nooruse 1, Kuressaare

For the first time, Kuressaare Nooruse Kool is participating in apple cafes day with the whole school family. The cafe has been launched for a charitable purpose, collecting funds for children’s learning activities in the school’s outdoor area. Sweet and savory foods are offered. You can quench your thirst with a hot or cold drink of your choice. Everyone is very welcome!


Location: Tallinna 2, Kuressaare

Gallery cafe is open, that offers, in addition to apples, an art experience. The lottery and a painting lesson under the guidance of Anne Olop add spice.


Location: Merikotka 34, Kuressaare

The PINK ELEPHANT is looking forward to hosting you at our cafe. We offer melting-in-the-mouth pastries, and savory dishes.

We offer pavlova, cheesecakes, salads, quiche, sandwiches, cupcakes, chaga coffee and warm hot chocolate. The kids are in for a small surprise as well.

Come and visit!


Location: Lasteaia 11,Kuressaare

Kuressaare Pargi Kindergarten family invites you all to our R. Maack’s Garden on The Apple Garden´s Day!

There will be many small cafes in the kindergarten playground where you can have something to eat and drink. The play area is also open for playing. We invite everyone who enjoys fun activities and delicious food! As it is the year of movement in the kindergarten, the café area has two large trampolines for different age groups.

The proceeds from the café will be donated to provide additional movement tools for the children. The café is organised by the Board of Trustees together with the families. We encourage visitors to bring their own food containers for take-away to avoid waste. Entrance is from Lasteaia Street, other gates are closed.


Location: Vallimaa 7, Kuressaare

Saaremaa Museum welcomes guests to the garden cafe of the Johannes and Joosep Aavik Museum, where we offer taste experiences for both sweet and savory lovers. In addition, we also open the main door of the museum, and every cafe guest has the opportunity to learn about the life and activities of the famous Aaviks.


Location: Hariduse 12, Kuressaare

We are pleased to announce that this year you are all welcome to visit the STH Apple Cafe.

In the café, many sweet but also salty pastries come for sale. However, if everything better (both sweet and salty) has already reached your stomach from the counter and you would like a little eye-pleasing 😍 (ceramics and crocheted animals), then S-Studio offers it.

We also empty the wardrobes and we look forward to welcoming everyone!

Sweet Mermaid


Come and have a treat on terrace of Merineitsi Kodu. Have a look at handicraft made by people with special needs. Lottery


Location: Ravila 1a, Kuressaare

Kuressaare Toidupank (Food Bank) will open a charitable café Toidupank Apple on the Apple Cafés’ Day.

We offer a variety of pastries from apples, savory and sweet pies, and you can definitely get a piece of cake with your coffee or tea. All products are made with great love and care by our own volunteers.

Come with the whole family, because the little ones in the family have the opportunity to draw and paint. When the weather is nice, we can also sit and talk outside. The proceeds from the sale will be used to support Kuressaare Toidupank.

We hope to see you on Sunday!


Location: Tallinna 21, Kuressaare

Discussion groups, live music


Location: Tallinna 8, Kuressaare

Empty stomach does not stand up! Come and enjoy the taste and exhibition experience! Kuressaare Vocational School has a solid anniversary of 100 in November this year and the school wants to celebrate a worthy birthday with you. Almost every person in Saaremaa is connected to the Kuressaare Vocational School – studied/taught themselves or has a friend/close relative who has acquired new skills at the vocational school. In addition to the tasting experience, come and take a look at the exhibition, how the school has grown to one hundred and who we are in 2022! The table is set by the teachers of Kuressaare Vocational School together with the student council.