September is a month when the trees are heavy with apples and you just can’t stop wondering what to do with the fruits. Saaremaa Food Festival is giving us all a chance to make one lovely Sunday (15th of September) a very exciting day.

We invite all of you along with your families, friends, acquaintances, and guests, to participate in the Apple Cafés’ Day on a lovely Sunday in Kuressaare!

On Sunday, 9th of September, the city will be vivacious, because in different gardens, yards and other venues there will be opened a lot of Apple Cafés. Every café has something exciting and unique to just this place and they invite all of you to come and visit. All this gives more than enough reason to discover the city in quite a different Sunday excursion.

The Apple Cafés are looking forward to see you at 12:00 and they stay open until 18:00. You may find some variances in opening times when you look below at the list of our exciting cafés along with their locations and descriptions.

The map with the cafés’ locations can be printed in future  from this web-page, you can also find it from the county newspapers , from from the cafés or print from homepage.

The photos of the event will be posted on the Facebook Saaremaa Toidufestival

The Apple Cafés in Kuressaare on the 15th of September at 12:00-18.00

Apple cafe Bellingshauseni Thules

Location: Uus 20, Kuressaare

In cooperation with the local Mercurial Society we will open the charitable cofee in front of Thule Koda.

All the income will be donated for the monument of Bellingshausen.

In 2020, Antarctica will have been discovered 200 years ago. Islanders and all the people of Estonia have a reason to be particularly proud of it. Namely, a man born and raised in Saaremaa, Admiral Fabian Gottlieb Benjamin von Bellingshausen (20.09.1778 – 25.01.1852) led the expedition in Antarctic waters, and is the first person ever to see the Antarctic continent on 28 January in 1820.

We would like to associate Admiral Bellingshausen’s story with Estonians and, above all, with the islanders closer than it has been done so far, and to establish a monument in Kuressaare in honour of a world famous islander and Antarctic explorer as well as the 200 anniversary of the discovery of Antarctica. The monument would be an important tourist attraction in Saaremaa and Kuressaare.

The author of the competitively selected winning work FAST ICE in the architectural competition is Gunnar Vares. Restrained modern design with black and gray granite and the text on a copper engraving in the centre of the monument. The winning work is a planar circular image of two limestone tiles, where two stone blocks arise from the base, the joints of which form a seating surface, and there is a metal disc in the middle of the image depicting the southern pole of the globe and marked by Bellingshausen’s exploration trips. It is well suited to the seaside recreation area next to Kuressaare Episcopal Castle overlooking the sea.

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Menu: apple pie and seaman’s soup.

Archebald’s Appletavern

Location: Garnisoni 24, Kuressaare

Cafe „Healthy bites“

Location: Eha 7, Kuressaare

Young gymnasts from the club Flex invite everybody to enjoy food, that is equally tasy and healthy! We offer goodies with very little or no wheat flour or white sugar. The girls who have put up this café are gymnasts who are going to perform in Italy this coming spring. All of the income from the café will go towards this dream trip! Please come and enjoy the healthy delights on our menu!

Cafe Jablotshka

Location: Kaare 6, Kuressaare

Cafe “Jablotska” (“apple” in Russian) offers delicious food along with great musical performance from Laikre family band.

The band introduces themselves like this: We are an ordinary Estonian family, who has been given a gift – music. Each family member has their own talent – one is creating, the other arranging music, some playing different instruments, some singing etc… and this is how the whole band comes together – Laikre family band.

Concert will be perfromed 1-2pm and 3-4pm.

The cafe is open no matter the weather. In case of rain, the cafe will be inside the building, with sunny weather outside.

Welcome to cafe Jablotshka!

Café Koja Kohvik Latrun

Location: Pikk 39, Kuressaare

Cafe Koja Kohvik Latrun (means latern). On that day we offer different snacks and cakes made of apple, but not 100%.

During the day we also offer musical entertainment from local band. Starts at 12.00. – 14.00 and 15.00 – 17.00
Also we open a small flea market.
We have a lottery, every ticket wins!
We hope to have a fun day and come to visit us.
PS! Rain won`t stop us!

Café SÜGisõunad

Location: Hariduse 13, Kuressaare

The café Autumn Apples can be found in front of Saaremaa Co-Educational Gymnasium, at

Hariduse St 13, Kuressaare. We offer exciting food and drinks for both adults and the young

and we cater for all tastes. In addition to culinary adventures, we also offer various

performances and acts at full hours. The cafe is run by the teachers of the school.

Café ÕunMan

Location: Kalevi põik 7

Electronics company Ouman Estonia offers cake and coffee!

Within the framework of the Saaremaa Food Festival, Ouman will open cafe ÕunMan in its yard on the Apple Café’s Day.
The menu includes various apple cakes, pies, and other delicacies.

Children can draw or do craftsmanship. There is also a lottery!

Besides enjoying food and drink, it is possible to become acquainted with Ouman’s activities – at 15:00 there is an opportunity to peek into the premises of the factory.

Profit from the sales will be donated to Saaremaa Diabetes Association.

We are waiting everyone!

Home cafe “Õunaõu”

Location: Kungla 7, Kuressaare

Home cafe “Õunaõu” awaits all big and small visitors! Õunaõu offers taste of different baked goods of home yard apples, other salty and sweet edibles and drinks. In our cafe is a possibility to familiarize with handicraft and take home some preserves of fruits, berries and mushrooms. Visitors can sit in the yard and enjoy products offered in the cafe and in the meantime smaller cafe visitors can draw and color. Few small animals are going to be viewing enjoyment for all the visitors. At 15.00 til 16.00 is scheduled autumn themed face paintings for children.

Ida Café

Location: Ida 7a, Kuressaare

IDA CAFE will open its gates for Apple Café Day, offering sweet
appetizers to apples and it will be open a IDA sushi bar.
The sushi bar offers both Philadelphia-style sushi rolls and tempuras.
Some exciting sweet sushi rolls are also planned.
The menu can be followed soon from Facebook IDA SUSHIBAAR or Instagram
from @ida_sushibaar accounts.

At 13:00, 14:30, 16:00 you can enjoy musical performances on an
electronic accordion.

You are welcome to visit our sweet cafe!

Kevade Õunahoov

Location: Kevade 11, Kuressaare

Kevade Õunahoov opens its gates to you for the third year already. Everyone is welcome for some coffee and cakes. In the menu we have old favourites as well as many new surprises. There are apple pies, waffles, brownies. From the salty side there is home-made potato salad. And this is just a fraction of everything we offer. For lovers of ice cream, Ice Cream Factory is coming with their soft serve ice cream! 
There´s also a little corner for kids to draw.
Come and let´s enjoy a lovely Sunday with the company of pleasant music and delicious cakes!

Kungla õunaaed

Location: Kungla 8, Kuressaare

Once again Kungla 8 is opening home cafe and bar, but this time you can explore our whole garden ! Menu, for now remains a secret, but home grown apples with delicious extras are definately on the menu. Come and find a place to relax and enjoy good food and company. Find us on Facebook and lnstagram (@Kunglakodu) for more information!

Oleme Valmis – charity apple café We Are Ready by Naiskodukaitse (Women’s voluntary defence organization)

Location: Väljaku 10, Kuressaare

Sweet and salty apple delights prepared in outdoor kitchen. In addition we
offer food for thought – we present the smartphone app „Ole valmis!” (Be
Ready!) created by Naiskodukaitse. Practical workshops. We are happily
ready to greet you!

Punane Taanlane

Location: Komandandi 4, Kuressaare

Riinude Apple Cafe

Location: Suur-Sadama 29, Kuressaare

RT14 Saaremaa Charity AppleCafe

Location: Suur-Põllu 4, Kuressaare

Sweet apple

Location: Hariduse 2, Kuressaare

Once again we are opening Apple Café at Hariduse street, where you can taste delicious pastries from apple, but also other pleasant salty and sweet. There is something for everyone.

Thai Café

Location: Loo 1, Kudjape

Thai café on Loo street is back with authentic thai tastes.
Great food is prepared by local thai enthusiasts Martin and Indrek (not so local though)

This years menu:

GAENG PHED GAI JAY – Red curry with chicken and vegetables, served with steamed rice

GURUMA MOO – Spicy pork curry, served with steamed rice

Pumpkin spice cheesecake with homemade toffee sauce

HOIA homespa opens it´s pop-up store and has many special offers.
Nautleja opens its pop-up flea market and Wösel it´s pup-up bar serving healthy detox cocktails
Kids can jump on the trampoline, pick apples from trees and adults can compete in table-tennis.
In rainy weather we will make sure there are some muddy puddles for kids to jump on.
We warmly welcome you to our café.

Tagahoovi Café

Location: Kungla 15, Kuressaare


Location: Uus 45, Kuressaare

Our cafe ÖNNEÖUN (lucky apple) offers plant-based food, some of them also gluten free. It is good to health and tastes nice. You’ll never know how good it is, when you haven’t tried. We try to use as many local ingredients as possible.
We are totally exited!
It is our second year and we are looking forward to see you all!
Take your friend!