Children's cafe Ladybird- at Saaremaa Food Festival waits!

Children’s cafe Ladybird

14.09 | at 10:00-16:00 | Saaremaa Kaubamaja

Children’s Café Ladybird (Lepatriinu) history  begins with the Saaremaa Food Festival  in 2018. The café has become so successful that Saaremaa Kaubamaja have now a children’s cafe on the second Saturday of every month.

As with any decent Children’s Café  has a fun menu for kid´s, plus exciting book characters and more fun. And the waiters are also from book characters or acquaintances in cartoons. Adults are not forbidden, but first and foremost, this day is made with the wishes of the children in mind, and as a parent you can enjoy being with the kids.


Location: Saaremaa Kaubamaja second floor
Raekoja street 1, Kuressaare