Children´s Snacks Cafes - Something awesome!!

Children´s Snacks Cafes

16.September| at  12.00-15.00 | Nasva club

Several flies in one  swoop – 16.September you enter the door of the Nasva club and hop you will be in several cafes at the same time. And they are extremely special – Children´s Snacks Cafes or makers, providers, waiters are only children 🙂

tüdrukud küpsetistega

Children’s Snacks Cafes – be there something special and unprecedented wait you!

All children interested in making cafe are invited to open their Snack café in the Nasva club.

Information and writing: Hiie 5201797 or

Children´s Snacks Cafes  location: Nasva,  Saaremaa


The Nasva Club is located in the in a historic fishing village of Nasva, through which the Nasva River flows.

In water-rich times, water flows from the bays to the sea, in low-water times, especially in the case of southerly winds, the flow in the Nasva River is reversed and salt water enters the bays. The river is rich in water and fish, which at first gave impetus to the development of a fishing village, later a prosperous settlement.

Sõrve mnt. 53 is built in Nasva club, which has existed in Nasva since 1957 in the same place. The Nasva Club has roots.

The historical roots of Nasva women have always respected the culture of food. We respect this culture and we are sustainable.

Events will be photographed and partially filmed, and the recordings are made public on the Saaremaa Food Festival’s FacebookInstagramand website.