Thule Kino brings food-themed documentaries to the screen!

Food themed documentaries

10.-12.09| at 19.00 | Thule Kino

Thule Kino - logo mustThe organizers of the Saaremaa Food Festival had many years the idea obout cinema. Idea was: thematic films could be seen on the cinema screen during the festival. This year  comes the right time for everything  and so it comes this year. For the first time, food-themed documentaries will be released. All this will happen thanks to the Food Film Festival, which will take place in Tallinn in April from 2019. This year, the festival is also taking place in September. Reason: due to the special situation of the year. It is Estonia’s first and only documentary film festival offering gastronomic film experiences. Toidufilmide Festivali logo

The films will be shown thanks to a suitable place in the center of Kuressaare – Thule Kino. The cinema has a stylish and comfortable Thule hall and a private and cozy Kaali hall.

There are even three cinema screenings, every evening 10.-12.09 at 19.00, there is a reason why you must to have a cinema ticket in your pocket!


10.09 Roadrunner: A Film About Anthony Bourdain

11.09 Coffee Heroes

12.09 A Chef´s Voyage

Thule Kino ticket prices: 7 €/ 1 person


Thule Kino is located in the center  Thule Koda  (House of Thule), which opened in 2019, where in addition to the cinema, there is also a museum of alternative history. There is introducing the role of Saaremaa in world history as Ultima Thule (the end of the world, the final frontier). Our visitors can experience the travels of Pytheas, the geographer from Ancient Greece by exploring the exposition and participating in games. The exhibits are tipping more to the funnier side and a bit tongue-in-cheek and their motto is ‘Do not believe everything you are shown!’

Location: Uus 20, Kuressaare

Events will be photographed and partially filmed, and the recordings are made public on the Saaremaa Food Festival’s FacebookInstagram and homepage