Coop Saaremaa participates powerfully in the Saaremaa Food Festival!

Coop Saaremaa participates powerfully in the Saaremaa Food Festival

Coop Saaremaa is back in the Saaremaa Food Festival program. Exciting offers, new products and trainings will be brought to the festival.

Saaremaa Tarbijate Ühistu started on November 10, 1905, when the founding meeting of the association took place. The goods were brought by a sailing ship from Riga. Although the goods had to be bought from foreign  businesses and by an unskilled buyer, they could still be sold cheaper than in private shops. Over time, as a good child, there have been many names. Since 2015, the Saaremaa Tarbijate Ühistu, under the COOP Saaremaa brand, has been among the COOP Estonia group.

Today, Saaremaa has 25 Coop stores, including Saaremaa Kaubamaja, five Konsum stores – Pärnu Port Artur, Rae, Tooma, Liiva, Orissaare, as well as 19 smaller stores across Muhu and Saaremaa.

2.-12.09 | Saaremaa Kaubamaja

Saaremaa Kaubamaja logoSaaremaa Kaubamaja, located on Raekoja Street in the heart of Kuressaare, belonging to the Saaremaa Tarbijate Ühistu, opened its doors in 1968.

Thanks to the location in the city center, a wide range of products, pleasant service and various events taking place in the house, the department store has found its way into the hearts of the islanders.

Location: Raekoja 1, Kuressaare

Saaremaa Food Festival has a reason to enter the department store door, because there will be:

Promotional prices for baking supplies

10.09 and 11.09 healthy eating workshops / lectures

Lectures and workshops are conducted by: experience consultant Sigrit Keerd and Saaremaa Köök business manager Juss Lindmäe.

Location: Saaremaa Kaubamaja 1st floor exhibition hall (opposite the information point). Duration of lectures and workshops 60 minutes.

Please pre-register:, +372 5307 0169

Events will be photographed and partially filmed, and the recordings are made public on the Saaremaa Food Festival’s FacebookInstagram and website.

When you take a picture, we ask you to use the #saaremaatoidufestival in your Instagram posts. For Facebook posts, please if you making your own FB posts mark @saarematoidufestival. With your consent, we will also share the best pictures on our social media