Dinner “Piggy in the bag” is something very mysterious...Find out what it is!

Dinner “Piggy in the bag” special “2+2”

 11.09 | at 16:00 | A mysterious place 🙂

Dinner “Piggy in the bag” specail “2+2” is something very mysterious …

In the old days people though that piggy in a bag  would buy only  stupid or by someone who have the money to joke about so kind of things.

Saaremaa Food Festival has found a special place in island Saaremaa where not many people go today, but there is a chance for an exciting discovery for participants of special dinner at 11.09 – they will not know what is on menu or where it will be.

This time we are doing something very special – the contents of the bag are provided by mothers with children and this is how it is formed: 1 + 0,5 + 0,5 = 2 and again 1 + 0,5 + 0,5 = 2, so 2 + 2 😉

Six course menus dinner – which leaves no one indifferent. Before the festival’s ends… And most importantly – the attractive contents of the bag are provided by those who  know what’s best.

Special dinner “Piggy in the bag” chefs are:

Pille Petersoo and children Nora Adeele (11)  and Karoliine (7)







Heidi Hanso and children Uma Säsil (10) and Hendrik Raju (7)



Special dinner “Piggy in the bag”: 100+20 € / 1 participant

The bag includes:

To participate in the special dinner write: info@saaremaatourism.ee

After booking, an invoice will be issued immediately and will not be returned upon cancellation.