Drive-in cinema - on Saaremaa Food Festival offers an experience!

Drive-in cinema

10.09 | at 20:00 | Asva Viiking villag

Drive-in cinema – it will first time on island Saaremaa to seen.

Drive-in cinema will be collaboration of Saaremaa Food Festival , Asva Viiking Village and Kinobuss ­čÖé

Movie to be shown

After learning he has six months to live, a college lecturer transforms into a rebellious party animal. To the shock of his wife and school chancellor — and to the delight of his students — he leads a crusade against authority and hypocrisy.

Starring: Johnny Depp





Be there between 20:00-20:45

The movie starts 21:00


Drive-in cinema location: Kahtla village – Asva Viiking village