Saaremaa Food Festival in September - come and enjoy!

Saaremaa Food Festival 6.-15.September

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As organisers of the Saaremaa Food Festival, we know that you deserve the best, and that is what we are offering: wonderful flavours, an eventful programme and firsthand experiences – for 11 days in a row!

You will be able to enjoy Saaremaa Restaurant Week’s exclusive lunches and dinners, go on a cross-country trip to visit the welcoming Saaremaa and Muhumaa villages, take part in the bustle of the Big Market Day or Autumn Fair, listen to some truly sweet music at the Cake Concert and visit the home cafes opened exclusively for the Apple Cafe Days – in addition to many other special offers, promotions and surprise events.

It would be wise to mark the dates 6-15 September in your calendars soon – that way you won’t miss a single opportunity!

What makes Saaremaa Food Festival special?Saaremaa Food Festival

The answer can be found in Saaremaa Food Festival’s motto: Proper food makes merry mood! Our Food Festival, which began in 2014, holds fresh island ingredients and local products in high regard. But the lovely people here and our dear guests have become the main characters. Saaremaa Food Festival is alive and authentic because the food producers, caterers, active village communities and many others are so deeply invested in it. All so that the 11 days could be filled with good food, pleasant company, interesting activities and memorable experiences.

Why September?

The first weeks of September still have some summer sun and warmth and will certainly be the most abundant time of the year. The stalls of the Big Market Day and the Autumn Fair can be filled with product taken straight out of the soil, field, tree, forest or sea. Saaremaa Restaurant Week’s menu is also inspired by fresh local autumn products. The Apple Cafe Day was created to find tasty use for the autumn harvest. September still has summer energy with which to prepare yourself before the harsh autumn. And now there’s still something exciting to do before the darker seasons!

Who is Saaremaa Food Festival meant for?

Saaremaa Food Festival will provide something for all tastes and for the whole family! Food is an inseparable part of our lives, but it can be more than just eating. Food Festival is for you if you appreciate clean and good quality food, want to bring novelty and positive emotions to your life. Also if you want spend wonderful time with family and friends and to feel like a part of a great and active community. Whatever you currently need is what you can get from Saaremaa Food Festival, whether that’s a flavourful and memorable lunch or dinner, an exciting and filling day in a homely guest house, winter supplies bought in market stalls, amazing campaign offers, new skills obtained in a workshop, the delicacies of home cafes or an invigorating concert experience.

How is Saaremaa Food Festival doing?

We want to thank every participant and guest: thanks to you, Saaremaa Food Festival keeps growing. By the tenth year, we have come to a point where smaller Festival events are being held every calendar month. Saaremaa Restaurant Week also expanded into the spring season. We believe that working together makes good things even better and are glad to see that our partners feel the same way. Saaremaa Food Festival is doing very well, come and see for yourself.

Where can the most information be found?

In addition to the Saaremaa Food Festival website, it’s worth following our activities on Facebook and Instagram.

You are very welcome to share your taste experiences and festival emotions on these media channels. To do that, please use @saaremaatoidufestival / #saaremaatoidufestival on your Facebook or Instagram posts. We will also be capturing Food Festival and sharing galleries on our media channels

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Islands Muhu and Saaremaa

Look with exciting program and come to the islands Saaremaa and Muhu. We will help you to find accommodation during the festival, with transportation and all that you need.
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