Saaremaa Food Festival in September - come and enjoy!

Saaremaa Food Festival 7.-17. September 2023


The exciting gastronomic program of eleven days is summed up by the motto of the festival: Proper food makes merry mood! That’s right. Even knowing –  taste is not in dispute.

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Saaremaa Food Festival 7.-17.09.2023

The heart of the summer is over by September, but Saaremaa continues to smile invitingly and deliciously to all.Saaremaa toidufestival

Rye that has escaped the heat of the summer is golden in the most fertile soil of the island. Potato is turning another side in the earth. Vegetables, who sleep in the daytime and grow at night, are counting the stars in the sky all over Saaremaa. Fruits are deliciously plump and are blushing due to their virgin ripeness.

Clean air and sea breeze – it is Freshness. Real Freshness. Especially in the beginning of September, when Mother Earth has blessed us by offering it’s best sons and daughters.

Saaremaa Food Festival, born in 2014, offers fascinating program for a 11 days, so there is just one thing to say: Proper food makes merry mood!

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Islands Muhu and Saaremaa

Look with exciting program and come to the islands Saaremaa and Muhu. We will help you to find accommodation during the festival, with transportation and all that you need.
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