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A whole year’s worth of flavours from Saaremaa, Muhu and Ruhnu

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We are proud to announce that islands have been named the Year of Saaremaa, Muhu and Ruhnu Flavours – a title we will carry all the way through to the end of April 2025! Such notable recognition underscores the rich culinary culture of our islands and our dedication to local food traditions. But perhaps more importantly, being awarded the title means we will be able to showcase our people and the contribution they make to preserving the island way of life and what it means to be islanders.

The islands that make up Saare County are set apart by their isolation. This has given rise to specific culinary traditions to which a modern, innovative approach adds a touch of spice. Isolation has taught us islanders to get by with what we have, but to be smart and inventive in doing so. This means the skill to use everything nature offers us and to live in a way that will provide for us tomorrow. As such, the theme of our culinary year is sustainability.

With people increasingly thinking and talking about how they can live more sustainably, it is worth looking to us islanders, for whom doing so is an ingrained part of our lives: our fresh food and produce comes straight from the sea, the fields and the forests, and next to nothing is allowed to go to waste. True Vikings never waste a single morsel!

The Year of Saaremaa, Muhu and Ruhnu Flavours is sure to provide the country’s most sea- and island-infused culinary experience, offering an exciting new perspective on Estonian food.

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