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Islands Muhu and Saaremaa

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Saaremaa Food Festival different ventures will take place in Saare County. Saare county have lot of islands there includes the largest Estonian island Saaremaa, the third largest island Muhu, along with the islands of Abruka, Vilsandi, Ruhnu and a number of small islands and islets. which represent the biggest Estonian island of Saaremaa, the third largest island of Muhu, along with the islands of Abruka, Vilsandi, Ruhnu and a number of small islands and islets.

Saare County known as a good recreation place with unique nature, many attractions and a wealth of activities.


Access to the islands is very easy, just need to find a suitable way and choose – plane, boat, yacht, bus. Who comes with yacht can choose a suitable shipping routes themselves – ports, where to come offers Saaremaa and Muhu enough.

Ferries  from mainland to island, you must go to harbor Virtsu and know it is not Saaremaa ferry, with ferry you will be first on harbor Kuivastu on Muhu island LOOK HERE

From neighboring island Hiiumaa harbor Sõru to harbor Triigi on Saaremaa LOOK HERE

Plane from Estonian capital Tallinn to Kuressaare LOOK HERE


Saare County tourism catalog in eight languages: LOOK HERE

ISLANDS SIGHTSEEING – Exciting places to discover

Recommended Saaremaa´s travelers routes and sights map LOOK HERE

Saaremaa traveler routes helps you to discover the sights of Saaremaa and Muhu through different routes. The map consists of two parts – one with a list of places on the routes and the other with a map of their locations.

We prepared the routes for you based on the principle that it is possible to switch from one to another, taking into account that they would be suitable for those who  coming to the islands from the mainland (via Kuivastu port) as well as from the neighboring island of Hiiumaa (Triigi port). With help this routes you can make your own journey to the islands. Take more time to discover also our small islands: Abruka, Vilsandi, Ruhnu!

In addition to the map, there is also a publication “Saaremaa journey plans” , where all the routes are beautifully described, which kind of places are on islands places,  why they are worth visiting them. You can read about Saaremaa nature, Muhu spirits ando
You can read in English HERE and in Finnish HERE

The map and is also available in the printed version, if you want to receive it, write to us at


In Saare County is located over 300 accommodation, offering opportunities from a five-star hotel to tent places. We have seven spa hotels, which will continue for more than 180 years old tradition of the resort.

If you do not fined accommodation please contact with  us




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