Lahhentagge invites to drinks and cakes at the Saaremaa Food Festival

Lahhentagge Drinks and Cakes

11.-12.09 | From 12:00 until we have visitors  | Lahhentagge Center in Lümanda village

lahhentagge logoOn the second weekend of the Saaremaa Food Festival be in Lahhentagge. It will be a unique opportunity to get a thorough overview of the production processes of our products in the distillery and to taste new exciting flavors.

Our master of distillation Maarit (Master of Arts) will only on this weekend open the doors of his art studio. In where all the works will also be at a special price.

To make the taste experience perfect, we bring you delicious pastries whose recipes are well-kept family secrets.


Lahhentagge was born in January 2016. It is the first small producer of gin in Estonia. Today the largest producer of handicraft tonic. The first Estonian company to enter the market of non-alcoholic distilled pleasure drinks.
The fast-growing manufacturer of handicrafts and tonics brings to the drinking glass wild plants, fresh sea air and clean nature hardened by the stormy winds of Saaremaa. We have made a Christmas tree in Kuressaare, Pärnu, Jurmala and Helsinki as a tonic. Many of our drinks have received awards both at home and abroad.

Lahhentagge distillery master and one of the founders Maarit Pöör is a versatile person who also deals with art. She has said that painting can focus the senses on colors and shapes for a moment, find balance and keep the focus. This weekend, there is an extraordinary opportunity to peek into Maarit’s artistic world and buy pleasant works.

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Participation: come to visit as, please register in advance for the tours at or +372 564 4562

Events will be photographed and partially filmed, and the recordings are made public on the Saaremaa Food Festival’s Facebook, Instagram and website.