Kaali Tavern participates in Restaurant Week!

Kaali Tavern

Kaali Tavern is located in the immediate vicinity of 7500 -year-old Estonian biggest natural rarities Kaali meteorite crater.kaali pagar

Cozy rustic 18th century limestone building where you can have a taste of a good local food and drinks. Fireplace will give you nice relaxed feeling.

On every trip from the mainland to the islands and back go also to at the KAALI TRAHTER.

The flavours made by Viktor, our Ukrainian chef with several decades of experience, food is delicious and good. A cup of tea or a nice cup of coffee or order a party table with island tastes.

The best are KAALI PAGARI’s rye breads and pies.

We are located in Kaali village by the world-famous meteorite crater. Only 3 km from the Kuivastu-Kuressaare highway.

We are open from 12:00 – 18:00, during Restaurant Week 12:00-20:00

Kaali Tavern Saaremaa Restaurant Week menu 18-24.March

Reservations are mandatory: +372 5373 1818 or info@kaalitrahter.ee

Three-cource dinner , price 30€/person


Kaali Tavern location: Kaali village, Saaremaa

Facebook: Kaali trahter ja hotell


The area around Kaali is a place of special atmosphere, which you should not just pass through. It is an ideal place for walking, thinking and resting.

Kaali Tavern is located 150 m from the Kaali Meteor Crater. During summer, you can enjoy a meal here daily. We offer authentic flavour experiences and beverages from Saaremaa. All year round we are available for booking. We have classy party rooms with catering where you can have a memorable event. Castle-style Kaali Tavern accommodates 100 guests and serves local food and drinks.

In our yard you can buy a piece of Saaremaa. Items made of aromatic juniper and the most beautiful Saaremaa dolomite are sold on romantic old carriages.

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