Koost Muhu Resto

koost-muhu-resto In the summer of 2016 opened a restaurant in the center of the island Muhu assembly language „koost“means the spoon.

Food is prepared from fresh and local ingredients. The fish shop is next, like Muhu bread bakery, another wing of the house-brewed beer Mohn “Ülemoalane” runs from the tap. Root vegetables are brought from Muhu and Saaremaa, Estonia meat, dairy products as well as domestic.
Resto menu is short, but it considers each guest find something for his taste.


Lunch 3-9.09

Dinner 3-9.09

Location: Liiva, Muhu island
Booking tables during Restaurant Week: (+372) 502 1391 or toomas@koost.ee
at 18:00 Three-course dinners, price €18/person
at 12:00–15:00 Two-course lunches, price €10/person
Drinks are not included in prices