Loona Manor Restaurant

loona-manor The menu of Loona Restaurant is based on local produce, in cooperation with local gardeners, farmers, fishermen and hunters.
Ulje grows our potatoes, organically farmed sheep are raised by Endel, Jaan and Avo bring us fresh fish. Our chef Katriin is famous for her smoked fish and spiced sprats. Mushrooms, herbs and berries are picked by Leenas and Helve. Salad plants come from our own small herb garden.

September in Estonia is dedicated to local food. So we serve food based on local lamb. Loona lamb soup already has its own fans, who come to our restaurant specially for it.

The story of Loona lamb soup is simple:
Winter leaves the manor cold and the kitchen empty, but there was an up-coming party to be catered for. We had to conjure up something to eat. Our ever-smiling chef Katriin delved into the fridge and cupboards and found some barley, black plums, onion and sun dried tomatoes. Lamb consomme is always available, of course!
So it didn’t take too long to serve ourselves hot soup that tasted delicious and was very filling. The home-made soup made its way directly on to our menu. The decision was clearly justified, since the soup became a firm favourite with our customers.

Loona Manor offers a good choice of lamb dishes throughout the month and has special offer for Saaremaa Food Festival.


Lunch 7-12.09
· Lamb soup a la Loona
· Apple with curd filling and caramel topping.

Dinner 7-13.09
· Warm salad mix
· Lamb stew with chantarelli, mashed potatoes or orsotto
· Cup cake with ice cream

Location: Loona mõis, Loona küla, Kihelkonna vald
Booking tables during Restaurant Week: tel +372 52 69 974 ja info@loonamanor.ee

7.–13.09. at 18:00 Three-course dinners, price €15/person
7.–12.09. at 12:00–15:00 Two-course lunches, price €10/person
Drinks are not included in prices