Luscher & Matieseni Muhu Veinitalu restoran MUHK

Luscher & Matiesen Muhu Farm Winery Restaurant MUHK

Luscher & Matiesen Muhu Farm Winery offers memorable dining experience which is inspired from the forests and traditional farmers products of the beautiful Muhu island and Muhu Farm Winery’s own vine fields as well as the playfulness of different cuisines from all over the world. Most of the incredible dishes are prepared under the eyes of the guests while last of the decorations are brought straight from the field. Restaurant’s waiters tell the story of every dish, from where it’s flavours were inspired and what seasonal components the chef has used to the detailed process of making the exceptional dish. Muhu Farm Winery’s landlord and host handpicks carefully all the perfect wines to go with every dish. He also enjoys discussing the combinations of spectacular wine flavours with pure tastes and aromas of the dishes with the guests. Because after all – Luscher & Matiesen Muhu Farm Winery wouldn’t be such a special and characteristic spot if we wouldn’t be open for new ideas.


Lunch 10-13.09
· Pita Greek Gyro with fresh tomato, pickled cucumber slices, filled peppers and white balsamic vinegar
· Baklava with seasonal berry- coulis

Dinner 10-13.09
· Grilled Haloumi Cheese and Greek Dolmades
· Open fire cooked Lamb with Chilli and Garlic, Green Salad and Beans
· Hazelnut Kantaifaki with Greek Yogurt Snow

Location: Vahtraste küla, Muhu saar
Booking a table is mandatory during Restaurant Week in:, +372 5231121

7.–13.09. at 18:00 Three-course dinners, price €15/person
7.–13.09. at 12:00–15:00 Two-course lunches, price €10/person
Drinks are not included in prices

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