Muhu Tõnise Farm restaurant offers homemade farm food with a little twist.

Muhu Tõnise talu

Muhu Tõnise talu logoMuhu Tõnise talu restaurant offers homemade farm food with a little twist. We use local ingredients which we grow ourselves and lend from our neighbours. The hosts of Muhu Tõnise talu share their love for cooking, hosting and good company.

Come for good food, stay for an even better atmosphere. You are very welcome to visit our farm, pet our sheep and enjoy good local cuisine!


Muhu Tõnise talu Saaremaa Restaurant Week menu

PAY ATTENTION: farm  is closed on  Saturday and Sunday  17.-18.09.

Booking a table is MANDATORY during Saaremaa Restaurant Week: +372 534 623 40

Three-course dinner 8.- 16.09. at 18:00, price 25/person


Main course:


Drinks are not included in the price of the menu.

Location: Paenase village, Muhu island

Facebook: Muhu Tõnise Talu

Instagram: @muhutonise

Muhu Tõnise farm

Set on the Muhu Island, Muhu Tõnise talu  features a restaurant, bar and a garden. Guests can relax in the sauna and enjoy a massage. The cozy and comfortable granary in the middle of nature guarantees that you will have a good night’s sleep.

The restaurant serves local cuisine.

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