Pöide Grillhouse Pöide pruulikoja pruulide kodu ja grilltoitude meka!

Pöide Grillhouse

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So what exactly do we offer? Even our name gives a hint of it. Delicious garnished dishes are served from the grill, and snacks,
soups and, of course, sweet treats are also not missing.

Besides all this, the most suitable drinks from the Pöide Brewery selection, but not only! Our drink masters
Sander and Werner have created a wide range of cocktails from tasty mocktails to
heavy hitters in the drink menu. However, the cocktail menu is definitely worth trying right away. Several times!

Pöide Grillhouse Saaremaa Restaurant Week menu

Three-course dinner 8.- 18.09. at 18:00, price 25/person


Main course:



(Drinks are not included in prices)

Location: Uus 20, Kuressaare
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