Ristorante la Perla participates in Saaremaa Restaurant Week!

Ristorante la Perla

Ristorante la Perla logo Ristorante la Perla was opened in 2004 in the center of Kuressaare.

Ristorante la Perla is one of the oldest and popular restaurants in the center of Kuressaare. We have a big variety of Italian dishes, from appetisers and pizzas to desserts. In summer we have outside terraces in the front and back of the restaurant.

This is a place where you come to enjoy different tastes. You can savor the best Italian dishes and wines and have a good time in a great company.

You come to La Perla to stay for a little longer …

Ristorante la Perla Saaremaa Restaurant Week menu

Booking a table is  MANDATORY during Restaurant Week : +3724536910 or Facebook:  Ristorante la Perla

Three-course dinner, from 17:00, price 30 /person

Drinks are not included in the price of the menus.

Ristorante la Perla location: Lossi 3, Kuressaare

Facebook: Ristorante la Perla

Something more

If you want to remember City Hall Kuressaare, come to this Kuressaare restaurant first. La Perla is recommended to Italian and Mediterranean cuisine lovers. Taste good garlic pizzaprawns and spaghetti carbonara. You will enjoy its food, particularly tasty tiramisucrème brûlée and ice cream.

The wine list is extensive, every guest can find something that suits their taste. In accordance with the guests’ opinions, espresso is delicious at this place. The cool service and the cheerful staff are its big benefits. You will pay adequate prices for dishes. There is a spectacular atmosphere and beautiful decor at this spot. On of the good Saaremaa restaurants.

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