Saaremaa Windmill participates in Saaremaa Restaurant Week!

Saaremaa Windmill

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Saaremaa Veski is a restaurant with local flavours, on the menu of which you will find game meat from our forests, smoked fish, house schnappses made on-site from local berries and the best selection of local beers! Our menu includes simple, fresh and enjoyable island tastes!
In the old cellars of Saaremaa Veski, there is a small-scale production of local berry schnapps. The guest has the opportunity to see the production of drinks with their own eyes. In addition, there is a cozy tasting room next to the production. The opportunity to taste home-made drinks in an authentic environment with the master of drinks, the owner Kaupo. Kaupo is happy to tell the guest about the processes of making soft drinks, the healthiness of berries and the benefits of soft drinks.
The mill has one of the sunniest gardens in Kuressaare. There are 5 distinctive floors to enjoy sitting and exploring. Refreshing cocktails can be enjoyed on various terraces, lounge chairs or on the balcony that opens at a height.

Saaremaa Windmill Saaremaa Restaurant Week menu

Booking tables during Restaurant Week:  +372 4533776  or

Dinner at 17:00 three-course dinner, price 30 €/ person

Drinks are not included in the price of the menus.

Saaremaa Windmill location: Pärna tn. 19 Kuressaare

Facebook: Saaremaa Veski

Instagram: @saaremaaveski

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