From plot to pot - the whole family potday vikings are busting!

From plot to pot

4.09 | at  12:00- 17:00 | Asva Viking Village

The Vikings invite to the Asva vikings family day

On this September day, Asva Vikings finish their summer season and harvest the vegetable garden. Together with the visitors, a huge pot of delicious Viking stew will be cooked in the fortress yard.

Also, the adventure park is open and you can visit the birds and animals in the mini zoo. In the Viking fortress yard, you can take part in several Viking games and activities.


Location: Kahtla village, Saaremaa

What a miracle place this Asva Viking Village is 🙂

There are many activities for visitors of all ages in the adventure park, viking fortress and animal / bird park.

Every Viking was an adventurer, which is why the village has a great high adventure park. Braver guests can explore more than 50 games on four different heights. As well a 100 m long air ride. Braver guests can put themselves to the test on the adrenaline-rich Viking Jump and on a 12 m high adventure trail. Little Vikings are welcome on the lower adventure trail with a fun air ride.

In addition to horses, Asva Viking Village Animal Park is home for animals. As different rabbits, a Shetland pony, sheep, goats, and Highland cattle. You can meet with a sheep from Kihnu, a miniature sheep, a goat, and a Cameroon dwarf goat. There are also a lot of birds. As an Indian peafowl, silkie chicken, a guineafowl, an Estonian quail to golden and silver pheasants.
You can simply admire the animals or pet them as well. The villagers are happy to introduce each animal to you.


Events will be photographed and partially filmed, and the recordings are made public on the Saaremaa Food Festival’s Facebook, Instagram and website.