Visit villages-you are invited to visit Saaremaa and Muhu villages!

Visit villages

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Visit Villages – fun experiential trips to welcoming villages

14. September | from 12:00-18:00 | Island Saaremaa

Visit villages map you can print out HERE

Visit Villages is much more than just an event in the Saaremaa Food Festival programme – it is a sincere invitation to visit villages, which is meant just for you! Villages welcome and invite you to discover their flavours, stories and traditions. Visit Villages is precisely such an event, the authenticity of which you must go and see locally, as every village is unique and special!

In busy villages, you can feel the inspiring energy that finds its way to the table, community activities and enjoyable conversations. What is certain is that your stomach will be full of goodies and your mood will stay cheerful. You can choose your own route for the day. If you don’t want to do a big tour, you can “move into” just one village for the whole day.

It is very interesting to see in which community houses and village squares people engage in activities together. It may be that you find a place with a fantastic opportunity to celebrate an anniversary of yours. This is what is so wonderful about the houses in the villages – the villagers do not keep them only for themselves, they share them with everyone else too.

Visit Villages is an important and anticipated day for the villages, every visitor gives them the feeling that what the people living in the villages do truly matters!

Find the descriptions of all the villages to which you are invited and what they offer HERE in Estonian




Visit Villages Prize Game

In addition to the fun Saaremaa adventure, you can participate in a prize game. There you can win products offered by the community houses.

To participate you need:


Visit Villages bus tour

The bus travels from each village that participates in the VISIT VILLAGES event to the next.

Sometimes it’s nice to let yourself experience a tour and listen to fascinating stories from the guide. On Visit Villages day, you will have this opportunity – you can visit five villages on a bus tour.

The bus departs from Kuressaare at 11:30 – from the city bus stop on the Pihtla Street side of the Kuressaare Bus Station.

It will arrive back to Kuressaare around 17:45. In each location, you will have enough time to shop and look around.

Visit Villages bus tour locations

Find the descriptions of all the villages where the bus takes you and what they offer HERE in Estonian


Please take cash with you! In the villages, you will have the opportunity to buy exciting products and flavours to enjoy there. All this is available for cash.

Participation information

Participation fee €25 per person

This includes an enjoyable bus tour in Saaremaa with a cheerful guide.

You can only participate in a tour if you have registered in advance, for that please click HERE

Note! The tour takes place if the minimum number of places are taken. The number of places is limited.

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