Visit villages

12.09 | at 12:00-18:00 | Islands Saaremaa and Muhu

Visit villages map you van print out HERE

Visit villages –  during Saaremaa Food Festival the village open  open their doors for visitors. 14 houses all over islands Saaremaa and Muhu will be open. Every place is special and worth of visiting.

The aim of these open door days is to introduce villages society’s houses, village squares or some another important place in the village for you and to introduce the history of the houses, villages. We will share the information about society’s life, offer a light meal and just talk to you. Thanks to these open door days our visitors may find a suitable place for different events.

Visit villages game – win a prize in our prize draw

In addition to an exciting adventure in islands you have a chance to participate in a Visit villages game and win a prize given by society houses.

For participating in a game you need:


20 l of fuel will be drawn between the visitors who have got 16 stickers from all 16 places on their plates.



Those interested can take a guided bus tour, this time there are two. The tours start and end in Kuressaare.

Tour: Award-winning villages

11.45 start from Kuressaare
Tour program:
To the fishing port of Nasva
Paadla Kandi Society society house
Atla Harbor House
Võhma village house
Back in Kuressaare 17.00

Tour: Muhu and Saaremaa

11.30 start from Kuressaare
Tour program:
Mätja-Tareste society house
Nõmmküla village square
I designed a village house
Metsküla society house
Back in Kuressaare 17.00


Ticket: 5 € / 1 person, 10 years and younger travels for free
The place must be booked in advance: by email to toidufestival@saaremaatourism.ee, you can send a message via our Facebook

Let’s take care of our environment

We won’t use any plastic or paper dishes for using only one time. If you like, you may pay 2 euros and buy a plate and a cup from us and use them at places you visit.

How to find us

In addition to the map on our web page all the society houses can be found on NaviCup app.


How to use NaviCup app:





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