Gala dinner "Talents are back home" - Saaremaa Toidufestival

Gala dinner “Talents are back home”

On Friday, 09.09.2016 | At 18:00 | Kuressaare Ametikool/ Kuressaare Regional Training Centre

In many kitchens in Estonia and all over the world, you can find talented and successful cooks who come from Saare county. Most of them have acquired their first cooking skills at Kuressaare Ametikool / Kuressaare Regional Training Centre.
For one evening, Saaremaa Food Festival brings back home some talented graduates of Kuressaare Ametikool (Kuressaare Regional Training Centre), whose roots are in Saaremaa.
Our talents will prepare a delicious six-course gala dinner together. Gala dinner offers various tastes from the mainland as well as from the heart of Europe.

Participating talents:
Heinrich Liis – Swedish Embassy in Brussels, chef
Tormi Sikk – restaurant Konrad, sous-chef
Risto Laanet – cafe Mosaiik, chef

A surprise cocktail will be made by hospitality service graduate Mari Trall ( Sadama Summerlounge – Tallinn).

One part of a six-course gala dinner will be cooked under the guidance of an experienced chef Emmanuel “Manu” Wille from Olde Hansa.
A list of wines available at gala dinner will be chosen by a sommelier Karel Veski from Liviko.
The students of Kuressaare Ametikool will assist the professional cooks and serve the food and drinks.


Smoked Eel cream
on Camelina seed chip with fast marinated chives
Baltic herring filet on Muhu bread puff
with Scorzonera cream and fermented cucumber
Clear chanterelle soup
with mushrooms prepared in different ways and with home made pastries
Whitefish in a fluffy salted crust
with veloute mousse, carrot cream and roasted mini vegetables (carrot, beet)
Veal cheek moored in Pöide beer
with leek “ash” crusted potato cylinder , roasted celery cream and marinated mustard seeds
Sweet apple ice cream
with fresh berries, berry chips and mousse
Petit fours

Price of gala dinner: 55 €/ 1 person. The price includes non-alcoholic and alcoholic beverages.
Clothing: festive
Reservation until 07.09.2016: hotel Mardi,, +372 45 24 633
Early reservation is highly recommended because there is a limited number of seats at the gala dinner.
Venue: 5a Vallimaa street / 22 Kohtu street, Kuressaare, room K4