Kuressaare Street Picnic - Saaremaa Toidufestival

Kuressaare Street Picnic

Saturday, 7th of September | At 18:00 – 23:00 | Center of Kuressaare

A nice evening on the main street of Kuressaare.  As usual, we provide a kilometer of tables covered with white tablecloths- delicious dishes, beverages and a pleasant companion comes with You!

When does the picnic take place?
7th of September from 6pm to 11pm. At 11 pm is time to end the picnic and head for the after-parties at the local cafes, restaurants and nightclubs.

Where does the picnic take place?
The picnic tables will run along Lossi street. The whole area will be 500m long and have two parallel rows of tables. It makes altogether about 1km of tables. There will be a break in the row after every tenth table, to guarantee the free movement of people to share great food and experiences.

What to wear?
As it was last year so also this year we rejoice when You wear traditional folk clothes! If you don´t have a complete set of folk clothes, wear an apron, head-wear or anything else that is part of folk clothes. You are also welcome if you don`t have folk items and wear your most comfortable clothes.

Can the kids come?
Of course! Kuressaare street picnic has always been a fun family event, therefore there will be a special area for children.

How to book a table?
For bigger groups, who wish to sit together, we offer the possibility to book tables. One table seats 8 people.
Booking will be opened a few months before the event. Keep an eye on our FB page for booking information

How to find your booked table?
The tables have been divided into groups of ten, which are marked with letters in alphabetical order. You will be given a letter and number of the table with the booking.

Plan B: In case of heavy rain, there will be no picnic.

For the latest information, tips on the menus and best offers, you can look also FB account.