Service contest "The Best Server of Saaremaa" - Saaremaa Toidufestival

Service contest “The Best Server of Saaremaa”

Tuesday 6.09| at 16:00 | Kuressaare Culture Centre

Service competition is only open to employees of catering establishments of Saare county. The competition consists of three distinct stages:
1. Napkin Folding,
2. The sparkling opening and pouring accuracy
3. a table covering for four guests according to their corporate style.

The competition will be have the first three places, awards from Liviko, A.Le Coq, Tridens and Saaremaa Piimatööstus (dairy). All the rest will be the fourth, so the losers will be not. The competition winner will receive an invitation to participate in the Arensburg Veiniklubi ( Wine Club) activities.

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Service contest “The Best Server of Saaremaa” 2014