Vegan Feast at GoodKaarma - Saaremaa Toidufestival

Vegan Feast at GoodKaarma

Sunday, September 13th | 14:00 | GoodKaarma

If when preparing dishes no meat, fish, milk or eggs are used, what is offered? Aha! Now a new discovery of the world of food begins!
A wholesome, healthy and abundant table is laid at the GoodKaarma farm and all together 4 courses of entirely plant-based foods are served.

Price for feast: 20€ per person

Location: GoodKaarma organic farm, Kuke küla, Lääne-Saare vald

To book a place on this feast call +372 5397 9789 or e-mail This event is with pre-booking only and places are limited, so book early. Thanks and see you there!

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