Festival in the Kitchen is cooking workshops series. Please come!

Festival in the Kitchen

Festival in the Kitchen is cooking workshops series of the Saaremaa Food Festival, where renowned chefs and cooking experts share their skills and teach useful tricks.

Salty flavors

Kertu Lukas will visit the festival, she is a very versatile cook. Kertu has been in our kitchen before and she has her own fan club. Become aKertu Lukas festival in the kitchen fan of you too!

Kertu has worked as a pastry chef for over 10 years. Made tarts and cakes for both presidential receptions and weddings. He considers high-quality, clean raw materials, flavor combinations, and the flawless appearance of the products to be equally important. Kertu has said: cooking is self-expression – an art with which to charm the diners. Dedicated chefs usually have the odd click in their head, they can’t help it. Even if your working day is sometimes 16 or 18 hours, you have to do it, and that’s fine. To make others happy.

Now Kertu is coming to delight all interested people in Saaremaa and together they will prepare salty flavors.

It will being prepared

Timestomati galett

Participation fee:

40 €/1 person

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NB! Festival in the Kitchen takes place if there is a minimum number of interested participants together. In case of cancellation, the participation fee will be refunded.

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