Ku-Kuu Fish restaurant participates in Saaremaa Restaurant Week!

KU-KUU Fish restaurant

Ku-Kuu Fish restaurant logoKu-Kuu Fish restaurant is known for its wide selection of the region’s best fresh fish and delicious cakes. Restaurant on Kuressaare.

Ku-Kuu kitchen offers a synergistic blend of cuisine from Saaremaa and France with a summery palate and colorful flair. We use fresh local farm produce to create truly delicious food that will delight you. The menu includes vegetarian dishes and locally caught fish. Enjoy the great food and relaxing atmosphere at Ku-Kuu Fish restaurant.

Ku-Kuu Fish restaurant Saaremaa Restaurant Week menu

Booking a table during Saaremaa Restaurant Week: +372 4539749   or info@kuressaarekuursaal.ee

Two cource lunch, price 15€/person

Three-course dinner 11.-17. September at 17:00, price  25/person

Drinks are not included in the price of the menus.

Ku-Kuu Fish restautrant location: Lossipark 1, Kuressaare

Facebook: Kuressaare Kuursaal

Instagram: @kuressaarekuursaal


Restaurant located in Kuressaare Kuursaal, Saaremaa, it was officially opened in 1889 and was celebrating it’s 130 anniversary in 2019. It is believed that a local pharmacist came up with the idea of building a Kuursaal (resort hall). In the centre part, the so-called White Hall, housed a restaurant, while the right wing was home to a summer theatre and the left wing was used for a kitchen area and offices. As well today. Over the last decades, Kuursaal has been the central point of the islands summer cultural life.

Kuursaal is also a home for an open- air summer cinema and hosts different events such as weddings, concerts or corporate events throughout year.

There are cozy rooms in the guesthouse on the second floor. There are six light guest rooms with all comforts, overlooking the bishop’s castle and city park.

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