Pritsumaja Grill&Bar in Saaremaa Restaurant week.

Pritsumaja Grill & Bar

Pritsumaja Grill & Bar – A pleasant and cozy pub in the center of Kuressaare that offers delicious food experiences.

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The food selection includes pub-specific steaks and as well more exciting dishes that fill the stomach and taste great.

As part of the Saaremaa Food Festival, our chef Kaspar and guest chef Mark-Erich have joined hands to bring you wonderful food experiences.

Saaremaa Restaurant Week menu 18-24. March

Booking a table during Saaremaa Restaurant Week: ph 45 33787 or 56645425

Pritsumaja Grill & Bar  three-course dinner, from 17:00, price 30  /person

Drinks are not included in the price of the menus.

Pritsumaja Grill & Bar : Tallinna 4, Kuressaare

Facebook: Pritsumaja Grill & Bar 

Instagram: @pritsumaja

The story of our house

Fires have been one of the most painful problems since the beginning of cities. In the 18th century, there were several devastating fires in Kuressaare, during which a large part of the city was destroyed. Before the establishment of the professional firefighter profession, fire safety was handled by volunteer firefighters. On November 12, 1867, one of the first Estonia’s volunteer firefighting associations was founded in Kuressaare. The following year a stone shed was built next to the town hall. In 1882, a wooden tower was added.

The building was thoroughly reconstructed at the beginning of the 20th century. A new fire department with a high hipped roof and neo-baroque skylights was opened on November 18, 1912. In 1958, a new hose drying tower and stairwell were opened. The building was used as a fire department until 1980, when a new depot building was completed on Pihtla road.

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