Liikudes Tervemaks- an hour with molkky! What is this?

Liikudes Tervemaks – an hour with molkky

On Wednesday 8th September | at 6:00 pm | at the front of the Kuressaare Kuursaal.

Saaremaa Spordikooli logoLiikudes Tervemaks (Getting Healthier through Physical Activities) is part of Kuressaare town fitness series. It begun in 2008, being an all year long keep fit regime. That includes a variety of physical activities through a wide diversity of different stages.

The series has been organized and led by Saaremaa Spordikool.

Saaremaa Food Festival has the pleasure to announce, that during this year’s festival, there will be one of those stages organized.

Living healthily and being active has been message of festival from the beginning. Therefore, we would like to introduce a new sport game- Mölkky, invented in Finland.

Saaremaa Spordikool, in the county of Saaremaa, is a school with variety of sport activities. With an addition to that the school is looking after the Centre of Sports, a stadium, a City Centre stadium, a football pitch with an artificial grass. Also Kuressaare Tervisepark, outside fitness trails in Musumanniku, tennis courts in Pargi and other smaller sport objects in Kuressaare.

In the series of Liikudes Tervemaks, there will be many more exciting stages in 2021. And we would like to invite everybody to take part. For further information, click HERE    tervisespordi sarja ürituse logo


Mölkkut mängimas

We are inviting everyone to take part in this mini tournament and try out mölkky. That game is designed to play with all the family. There is no special preparation or clothing needed for playing this new exciting game. Mölkky can be played everywhere outside- in gardens, in parks, on beaches. Or anywhere else, where is a free spot of land. The joyful game has been designed for all age groups. It can be played one to one or with a bigger group.

Tarmo Pihlas and Boris Lehtjärv are a representatives of the Saaremaa mölkky (MTU Kaarma Sport Management). They will be introducing the rules and after, everyone who’s interested will be welcomed to play.

PARTICIPATE AND WIN A PRIZE: exciting prizes will be drawn between all participants, which will be displayed by the Saaremaa Food Festival.

There will be with sales table a small shop Saarte Sahver where you can buy suitable drinks and snacks. Saarte Sahver is participating during the whole festival, bringing the flavors of 10 Estonian  small islands to the festival. It is a reason to go to the shop on the spot. Look more about that in our program.

Events will be photographed and partially filmed, and the recordings are made public on the Saaremaa Food Festival’s FacebookInstagram and website.